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Popular “Nakayoshi” manga depicts youth and the future under emergency conditions

A manga about youth and the future under emergency conditions The manga "Do you love me?

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A love story that unfolds with four male childhood friends, “I’m in love with you, anyway. It’s a love story that unfolds with four childhood friends… Interview with the author, Haruka Mitsui!

Last spring, my school life came to a sudden halt due to the declaration of an emergency. Graduation ceremonies, entrance, club activities, everything disappeared. I was so shocked, because in my teenage years, I was all about club activities.”

Haruka Mitsui, author of “I’m in love with you anyway. Haruka Mitsui, the author of “I’m going to fall in love anyway,” said what inspired her to write the story.

I was originally thinking of writing a story about high school students. I was originally thinking of writing a story about high school students, and I wanted it to be set in a swimming club, so I planned it by actually covering a swimming competition. Just around that time, the new coronavirus began to rage. I felt strongly that I wanted to make a manga that would support elementary, junior high, and high school students who were suffering from coronavirus, as their daily lives were being lost or taken away.

Serialized in “Nakayoshi” magazine, “I’m in love with you, anyway. which is being serialized in the magazine “Nakayoshi”, depicts the adolescent life of Mizuho, a second-year high school student who aspires to be a manga artist, and her four high school boys who are her childhood friends.

It’s a classic coming-of-age love story filled with the thrill of romance and the sparkle of youth between girls and boys. However, in the world where Suiho and her friends live, there is an epidemic of an “unknown infectious disease” that is preventing them from participating in high school events such as inter-high school and school trips.

I myself played volleyball in elementary, junior high, and high school, so it was a huge shock when I couldn’t participate in club activities and the tournament was cancelled. Club activities are my whole life, and for some people, my life’s goal.

So when I thought about the elementary, junior high, and high school students who had to cancel all their club activities and school events under the state of emergency, I was worried and heartbroken. They had no goals for their club activities, no opportunities to test their abilities, and no place to express their feelings. The news media didn’t focus on us much, and I felt that we didn’t have a chance to talk about it in our own words.

As I talked with the editor in charge of the story, “I’m sure there are a lot of sad feelings that haven’t come out to the world yet,” I realized that I couldn’t depict a sparkling coming-of-age story while ignoring the current situation of the readers. I had a lot of trouble, but I decided to depict the story in the setting of an ‘unknown infectious disease epidemic.

The characters live in a harsh situation that is linked to reality. The characters live in harsh conditions that are linked to reality, but the story vividly portrays Suiho and her friends enjoying the present moment as much as they can. I wanted to depict everyday life as important,” says Ms. Mitsui.

I wanted to depict the importance of everyday life,” says Ms. Mitsui. “Adults easily say that school life isn’t everything in life, but I think that’s true because I’ve experienced a lot as an adult. It’s a good argument to say that it can’t be helped because of the situation, but from the point of view of the children involved, “Can’t it be helped? But from the point of view of the children involved, “Isn’t ‘it can’t be helped’ enough?

However, even in such a difficult situation, there must be precious moments such as events that make us realize the kindness and warmth of people, as well as the sadness and helplessness. That’s why, although the story is set against the backdrop of an infectious disease epidemic, it is not the center of the story, and I wanted to send a positive message to Suiho and the others by carefully depicting their daily lives, saying, ‘Despite the situation, you can still come of age.

Suiho and his friends have grown up together since childhood in a residential area called “Koigahama Highland. Suiho and her friends have grown up together since childhood in the residential area of Koigahama Highland, and readers are envious of her sparkling youth with four handsome men of different types. some readers say.

The story consists of a grown-up Suiho in the year 2030 looking back on her summer as a high school student in the year 2020. The background of the infectious disease epidemic, the setting that moves back and forth in time, as well as the characters, is quite challenging.

A work that can be read by both parents and children

Nakayoshi,” a manga magazine for teenagers, was originally published 67 years ago. There are many fans who have been reading the magazine for two or three generations. In recent years, the magazine has been working on “reboots” (*note) of popular works from the past, and readers from those days have been “coming back” as adults. This ambitious work is attracting a great deal of attention, partly due to the booming business of the magazine.

I am encouraged by the voices of junior high and high school students who say, “Thank you for speaking for us. I am encouraged by the comments from junior high and high school students who say, “Thank you for speaking for us,” and from parents who say, “My child is in the same situation as Teruzuki and his friends because he lost his club activities. I sympathize with them,” and “I read this book with my parents. From elementary school students, we have received comments such as, “I want to be Mizuki! From elementary school students, I received direct feedback such as, “I want to be Suiho! I’m very happy to hear that.

I’ve always been a fan of “Nakayoshi” and have been reading it since I was in elementary school. After working for a while, I made my debut as a manga artist. When it was decided that I would be serialized in Nakayoshi, it was like a dream… I wondered if the editor-in-chief was serious…?  But I’m really grateful that readers of all ages are reading it.

The “four handsome childhood friends for one main character” setting is probably one of the elements that has captured the hearts of readers of all ages, from little friends to older sisters and mothers.

I myself don’t have any childhood friends of the opposite sex, so I was longing for one. The four male characters, including Teruzuki, are filled with my own longings and dreams! I think that childhood friends are the most common setting in romance manga, but having four of them! The four of them cover almost all the elements of an attractive boy.

The scene with all four male characters is certainly a sight to behold.

When I look back on my own girlhood, I had a vague idea of the future, and I couldn’t even imagine myself as a 20-year-old. I couldn’t even imagine myself at the age of 20. More importantly, teenagers today are living in a reality that we adults haven’t experienced and couldn’t even imagine. With the Internet, there will be a lot of information coming in. But even if we look into the world through the Internet and social networking services, we can’t know the possibilities of our future.

That’s why I want to depict a future where you can’t search on the Internet. In the field of youth romance manga, I want to depict the realities of everyday life, as well as the bright future and hope that must exist on the other side.

Note: Reboot = reboot. A reboot is the creation of a new story from a new perspective based on past works. In “Nakayoshi” magazine, we have published “Tokyo Miu Miu Ole! and “Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Aqua” in the magazine “Nakayoshi”, and they are very popular.

Despite the prevalence of infectious diseases, Suiho and her friends are making the most of their one and only summer as high school sophomores. The way they try their best to enjoy the “now” without losing their smiles warms my heart.
One day, Mizuho’s younger brother, Kizuki, declares himself a “potential boyfriend. She can’t stop her heart from pounding at the approach of Kizuki, who has straightforward feelings for her!
Suiho’s heart is racing every day as Teruki attacks her furiously. However, Shin also has feelings for Suiho. ……? What’s going to happen to the relationship between the five childhood friends? You’ll be on the edge of your seat ……!
Suiho’s father encourages Suiho and her friends, saying, “You have a lot of future ahead of you. Suiho’s father encourages Suiho and her friends, “You have a lot of future ahead of you.” The feelings of the adults towards the children are carefully portrayed in episode 8, and it makes my heart ache.

Volume 3 of “I’ll Fall in Love with You Anyway” was released on November 12. Volume 3. The stylish Ai (Airu) graces the cover!

Suiho is a second year high school student who thought that there was no such thing as a “sparkling youth. One day, her childhood friend, Kizuki, suddenly declares himself a “potential boyfriend”. ……? It’s a heart-pounding coming-of-age love story with too much glare!

The first three volumes of “I’m in love with you anyway. Volumes 1 to 3 are on sale now!

Click here to purchase the e-book (Kindle version).

It's a story of love and youth. You can read the first two episodes now! ↓↓↓

  • Interviewed and written by Mao Daimon

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