Kako and Mako are working behind the scenes on the “Houston Plan” to reunite for the first time in two years after her official visit to Peru in November. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kako and Mako are working behind the scenes on the “Houston Plan” to reunite for the first time in two years after her official visit to Peru in November.

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Kako (right) has been the subject of controversy for “living alone. Distanced from her parents, is her sister Mako the only person she can turn to for emotional support? ……

Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino family, will make an official visit to Peru in November. The detailed itinerary has been announced, but why is so much attention being paid to its content?

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Peru, and the Peruvian government has “nominated” Kako to visit Peru.

In 2002, the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations was celebrated with a visit by Prince and Princess Akishino, and in 2007, the 120th anniversary of Japanese immigration was celebrated with a visit by Mako Komuro, who was still a member of the royal family at the time. Peru is a country with particularly strong ties to the Akishino family.

Kako, who will travel to Peru for 10 days starting November 1 after a Cabinet meeting, previously toured Austria and Hungary in 2007 as her first official visit to a foreign country.

However, the “difficulty level” of this visit to Peru is said to be quite different from that of four years ago.

During his first official visit to Europe, he had few opportunities to make official speeches and visited many places for general sightseeing, such as palaces associated with the Habsburgs and porcelain workshops.

On the other hand, in Peru this time, there were also events such as a courtesy visit to the president, a speech at the 150th anniversary ceremony, a meeting with Japanese Americans, and a flower offering at a monument dedicated to a hero. There will be a lot of traveling, and unlike his visits to Europe, it will obviously be hectic, and he may give more than 10 speeches, as he did during Mako’s visit to Peru.

In anticipation of her visit to Peru, which is likely to be a hard workload, Kako will naturally be relying heavily on her older sister Mako.

Kako is currently living alone in an annex of the newly renovated Prince Hisahito of Akishino residence where her parents and their eldest son, Prince Hisahito of Akishino, reside. It is said that this is due to a disagreement with her parents, but in such a situation, the only person she can rely on is Mako.

I am sure that she is listening to her sister’s detailed stories about her visit to Peru and receiving advice on how to behave there.

What is attracting particular attention is whether the sisters will be reunited for the first time in two years.

Kako will visit Peru via Houston, U.S.A., as she did with Mako. It is being speculated that Mako, who lives in New York, may rush to Kako’s side.

A member of the Akishino family with inside knowledge of the matter reveals, “She can certainly afford to spend some time in Houston on her way there.

A source close to the Akishino family who has inside knowledge of the situation reveals, “There is certainly plenty of time for the trip to Houston, and it would be possible for them to meet up at a local hotel where they would stop off. However, I don’t think they will meet again before their important visit to a foreign country. We can’t have some situation arise by meeting her before her official duties, and we can’t have it interfere with her work in any case. Kako is a serious person, so I think she will eliminate all such possibilities.

What is rather promising is when she returns home. She is scheduled to transit in Houston on her return trip as well, and even then there will be several hours of free time. After successfully completing his official duties, he would be able to enjoy his first reunion with Mako in two years without any hesitation. If the reunion takes place during a short transfer, there will be little public outcry.

The sisters, who are said to be in regular contact with each other, will actually meet in person. The sisters’ “Houston Project” is being planned behind the scenes, but what will they talk about?

What will they talk about? “I am sure they will ask you about Mako’s married life in detail. Mako will probably tell Kako how wonderful and freeing it is to leave the Imperial Family and live abroad, where many people don’t know them.

Kako is said to feel inconvenienced as a member of the Imperial Family, and she will turn 29 in December. She is probably thinking about marriage, so I think she will be very interested in what Mako has to say. I am sure that this reunion will make her resolve to “escape the Imperial Family” stronger once again.

The advice from her sister and close friend, Mako, is sure to greatly influence Kako’s feelings. Will the “Houston Plan” really come to fruition? ……

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