Johnny’s s in turmoil due to revelation of “NG List” Noriyuki Higashiyama, who has been appointed president of two companies, is “asked to take responsibility. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s s in turmoil due to revelation of “NG List” Noriyuki Higashiyama, who has been appointed president of two companies, is “asked to take responsibility.

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Noriyuki Higashiyama has been appointed president of two companies, the old Johnny’s’s office and a new company. ……

At the second press conference of the Johnny’s’s office on October 2, the consulting company entrusted with running the conference caused quite a stir when it was discovered that the company had brought an “NG list” to the venue that would prevent some reporters from being appointed to ask questions. The Johnny’s s.

“We were not involved in any way.

The consulting company may have made the discovery on its own, but at a meeting the day before, the company had brought a list of media with NG written on it, and Mr. Inohara said to the consulting company, “You absolutely have to guess.

When Mr. Inohara said, “You absolutely have to guess.

Mr. Inohara said, “You absolutely have to guess it.

Mr. Inohara said, “You have to apply the media in the second half of the day, not the first half.

The company replied, “Then we’ll try to hit it in the second half instead of the first half. However, this explanation given late at night on the 4th was not followed up on the official website of the Johnny’s’s office, which was updated on the 5th, with the following statement

I’ll try to guess. I answered.

The explanation was changed to “I’ll try to guess it. This also shows the confusion.

In any case, the journalist who was apparently on the NG list was not appointed no matter how many times he raised his hand, so Johnny’s must be responsible for overlooking the issue here as well. The Johnny’s’s office and President Higashiyama must also bear some of the responsibility for failing to ensure that there were no NGs at the meeting held the day before.

In the midst of all this, it has been pointed out that Higashiyama is not the right person to be the president of the new company.

He is said to be the “eldest son” of Johnny’s s. He has supported the “Johnny’s empire” built by the late Johnny Kitagawa and the late Mary Kitagawa. And the sexual assaults.

“If it is said that I turned a blind eye, I guess that’s all there is to it,” he admitted.

He has admitted to the sexual assaults. He has even been the subject of allegations of power harassment and sexual harassment, and at his last press conference, he said that he “may or may not have done so” in response to the sexual harassment allegations.

He neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, saying, “Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.”

He neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

His answer was similar to that of a member of the Diet who is confronted with allegations of sexual harassment, but at this press conference, he made a complete turnaround.

I have never sexually harassed anyone.

(the former Johnny’s office), which provides compensation, but is also the representative director of a new company, is now being questioned.

It cannot be called a “dismantling and re-starting” to establish a new company that has “absolutely nothing to do” with Johnny’s, and yet the same Mr. Higashiyama is the head of the new company.

He said that question was not asked at all on the second day. It is said that the reporter who asked that question at the previous press conference on September 14 was one of the “NG list” who could not guess this time.

On September 5, the Johnny’s office building in Minato-ku, Tokyo, began removing the “Jonny & Associates” sign, which had been the symbol of the office, but it seems as if only such performance has preceded the recent series of accompaniment.

This was the second press conference aimed at restoring trust in Janney Kitagawa after the sexual assault issue, but it has rather declined significantly, including the revelation of the existence of the “NG list. The situation has become so chaotic that Mr. Higashiyama may have to resign as president of the new company to keep things from getting out of hand.

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