Johnny’s “unspoken rule” is completely ignored…fans are in an uproar! Kis-My-Ft2’s Miyata’s statement “astonishing substance”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s “unspoken rule” is completely ignored…fans are in an uproar! Kis-My-Ft2’s Miyata’s statement “astonishing substance”.

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Photo attached to Miyata’s post congratulating Kitayama on his birthday [from his X].

Kis-My-Ft2 has restarted with a six-member lineup after Hiromitsu Kitayama graduated from the group on August 31! Radio” (FM Yokohama) on September 27, member Toshiya Miyata revealed the latest episode of his interaction with Kitayama.

Also, Wataru Yokoo celebrated Kitayama’s birthday on his blog on Johnny’s web, a membership site, after Kitayama left the Johnny’s office, an unusual development.

Kitayama made his CD debut as a member of Kis-My-Ft2 on August 10, 2011. On September 17, his birthday, he announced that he would be joining TOBE, an entertainment company headed by Hideaki Takizawa.

Miyata began to talk about Kitayama’s recent situation after receiving a letter from a radio listener. Introducing the message, “My daughter, who was shocked and depressed when Kitayama-san graduated at the end of last month, has now become a Miyata-supporter (Miyata fan),” Miyata at one point thanked the listener for his kind words.

However, he added , “But I still ask you to support Hiromitsu as well!  I think it would be good if you support me as well, and we all support each other. I am really very happy about that. Please continue to support Kitayama-kun, too.

He then added, “I met Hiromitsu the other day. I met Hiromitsu. When I met Hiromitsu, he dyed his hair and became cooler. Hahahaha (laughs). Oh, he dyed his hair! You dyed your hair! I said, ‘Oh, you dyed your hair,’ and he said, ‘Oh, I’m getting a makeover.

Although they are no longer “members,” they are still friends, going out to eat and drink together. We don’t see each other at work anymore, but our relationship hasn’t changed. We talked a little the other day about what we are doing now. We have a very good relationship,” he confided in a gentle voice to reassure his fans.

Fans on social networking sites were pleased to hear this confession,

Miyata-kun, I’m glad you’re talking about Kitayama-kun as a “friend.
Miyata-kun, you’re so kind. Thank you for being friends with Kitayama-kun!
Thank you for telling us about your meeting with Kitayama-kun. Please keep these episodes coming!

I’m very impressed.

There was an unspoken rule at the Johnny’s office that current members had to refrain from mentioning the name of a retired talent in public. However, on the day of Kitayama’s birthday (midnight on the 17th), Miyata updated his personal X (formerly Twitter) and uploaded a commemorative photo of him and Yuta Tamamori. Miyata wrote, “Happi-Birthday! Hiromitsu! Tama-san! Thanks for the food!” (original text in Japanese, same below), so it seems that Tamamori was in charge of the bill.

Kitayama also mentioned in a YouTube livestream he made when he moved to TOBE that he had Italian food with Miyata & Tamamori after leaving the office. Later, in an Instagram live-stream, he also revealed that Yokoo gave him a birthday present. On his personal blog (in Johnny’s web) dated September 17, Yokoo wrote, “It’s my 38th birthday. Happy birthday. Kitayama is going to move to TOBE.

Kitayama opened Instagram and X after transferring to TOBE. Miyata has a personal account on X and Tamamori has a personal account on Instagram, but at the moment they are both in a state of mutual following with Kitayama. Kis-My-Ft2 is a rare type of group among Johnny’s in terms of connecting former friends on social networking sites. It can be said that they are an outlier.

The Johnny’s office (renamed “SMILE-UP.” on October 17) is undergoing a rebirth following the sexual assault scandal involving the late founder, Johnny Kitagawa. Perhaps the day will come in the future when former members who have left the office and the current group will be able to perform together in a dignified manner.

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