Behind the “NG List”…The “shock” that a “key person” in charge of “public relations” for Johnny’s’s sexual assault is still a temporary employee. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the “NG List”…The “shock” that a “key person” in charge of “public relations” for Johnny’s’s sexual assault is still a temporary employee.

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Former President Julie Fujishima was absent from the second press conference. Mr. Shirahase, who is said to be a key person, did not appear following the first one. ……

Johnny’s s held its second press conference on October 2. Noriyuki Higashiyama and Yoshihiko Inohara were present as before, but former president Keiko Fujishima was absent because she revealed a “panic disorder” that causes her to hyperventilate. A letter describing his feelings was read in his place.

Former Vice President Suguru Shirahase, who is said to be a “living witness” to Janie Kitagawa’s “sexual assault issue,” was absent from the first press conference as well as this one. He refused to attend the press conference.

Mr. Shirahase worked for many years as a public relations manager at Johnny’s. He is said to be a “living witness” to the “sexual assault” of Mr. Kitagawa. He was in a position to know about the sexual assault cases that continued to spread to hundreds of victims after the death of Janie Kitagawa. He was also a ‘big key man’ who pressured and controlled the media.

Mr. Shirahase is the very embodiment of “Johnny’s. Until now, the major media have been at his beck and call, unable to “report” or “investigate” the reality of sexual assault. If Mr. Shirahase, the contact person for the media, had said no, they would not have been able to report any content.

The Johnny’s were famous for exerting all kinds of pressure on the media, not just with regard to the cast of “Music Station” (TV Asahi). To be honest, even right after the BBC reported on the special program, there was a “kind of pressure.

Johnny’s probably didn’t expect the impact to spread this far. At the time, they probably thought that they could somehow contain the situation and wait for the flames to subside. It is a shameful story, but the TV stations were waiting to see what Johnny’s would do until someone else would make the first move and report it. ……

In the midst of all this, the “Asahi Shimbun Digital” dated March 3 reported the following

The Asahi Shimbun Digital reported that Johnny’s’s former vice president Shirahase is a “contracted employee” and some are questioning his accountability.

At the first press conference, it was announced that Mr. Shirahase had resigned as vice president, but it appears that he is still employed by Johnny’s. When interviewed by the Asahi Shimbun, Mr. Shirahase said that he was a “contracted employee” of Johnny’s, but that he had not yet been hired by the company.

In response to an interview by the Asahi Shimbun, Johnny’s stated

Mr. Shirahase is currently taking over as a temporary employee. The future is undecided.

The future is undecided.

If they are going to take over, they should appear at the press conference and tell all about the past sexual assaults and the pressure they exerted on the media. Mr. Shirahase also appeared and testified in the past civil lawsuits with the Weekly Bunshun and knows that he was found guilty of “sexual assault.

Of course, we know that he played a “dirty role” to protect Mr. Janney and Mr. Merry. That is why, as a “living witness,” he should tell the whole story before resigning.

At a press conference held on April 2, Higashiyama, the new president, also commented on Mr. Shirahase.

“I think he is accountable for his actions.

Mr. Shirahase has been a public figure. Mr. Shirahase should speak publicly about the “dark side” of Johnny’s.

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