Barley tea in a shoulder bag… Asuka Lioness, played by Ayame Goriki, who lives at home and is a “commoner”, is in the spotlight. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Barley tea in a shoulder bag… Asuka Lioness, played by Ayame Goriki, who lives at home and is a “commoner”, is in the spotlight.

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Ayame Goriki coming out of a radio program recording

In the evening of mid-September, Ayame Goriki, 31, emerged from Nippon Broadcasting System in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

She was wearing oversized glasses and large earrings in her ears. In her hand was a seemingly expensive looking bag with the logo “ALL is LOVE. In fact, it is a “Handmade” brand bag with a list price of about 8,000 yen. From it, he takes out a plastic bottle of barley tea and puts it in his mouth. When I saw her doing this, I couldn’t help but think, “Oh no, she has a folksy side,” which made me wonder.

While dating ZOZO founder and president Yusaku Maezawa (47), Rigor enjoyed traveling abroad on his private jet and living the celebrity life in a 3 million yen apartment, but it has already been two years since their breakup. But the image of celebrity was so strong that it will be very difficult to get rid of it,” said an executive at a major entertainment agency.

During that time, she became independent from Oscar’s office in 2008 with a view to getting married. However, they broke up in 2009, and although she focused on her acting career from then on, she was not blessed with any hits. But she got her first big job in a while…. She has been working on a drama “Queen of Villainy,” which is scheduled to be released on Netflix by the end of this year.

Tsuyoshi plays the role of Asuka Lioness in “Crash Gals.” According to a source, she gained 10 kilograms for the role, and her reputation is quite good for her devilish performance.

On October 1, Tsuyoshi made a surprise appearance at “CRUSH GALS 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL LIVE – THE TOP” held at the Budokan in Yokohama,

I am Ayame Goriki, who played the role of Asuka Lioness. First of all, I was nervous, and I was also anxious about the fact that she and her fans would be watching me. But I knew that since I was going to do it, I had to do my best, so I did it!

I was very enthusiastic about it.

She is now living modestly at home with her parents in her hometown of Yokohama in order to concentrate on her work,” said an executive at an entertainment agency.

We look forward to seeing her enthusiastic performance as “Asuka Lioness” in the new movie.

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Meeting with the office manager
Ayame Goriki takes out a plastic tea bottle from her “not-so-luxurious” bag.
With her new boyfriend, Haruki Kiyama, a musical actor (January 14, 2010 issue)
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