Emiko Uenuma, who has been outspoken about the Johnny’s issue on her show, is not a deadbeat. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Emiko Uenuma, who has been outspoken about the Johnny’s issue on her show, is not a deadbeat.

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The Internet praised him, saying, “How could he say that much on terrestrial TV?

He’s the worst, the lowest of the low, the lowest of the low. This is not the time to be dead. Come back to life and apologize.

He’s a disgrace to the Japanese entertainment industry. I think he has become a disgrace to the Japanese entertainment industry.

Emiko Uenuma (68), who is the MC of the information variety show “Uenuma Takada no Kugizuke! (Yomiuri TV), an information variety show in which Uenuma Emiko (68) serves as the MC, on August 10. Her comments on the issue of sexual assault by the Johnny’s’s office have become known for their vehemence.

(Yomiuri TV). “For about 20 minutes, Mr. Uenuma had the whole floor to himself when he talked about this issue. For the most part, Mr. Uenuma spoke alone, and neither the guests nor his partner, MC Junji Takada (76), were able to say anything. When Mr. Takada asked Uenuma, “You knew about this, didn’t you? Uenuma asked him, “You knew about this, didn’t you?” and he became slurred, saying, “I’m from the underground…. There were audience members present at the recording, but they did not laugh while Uenuma’s verses were exploding, they just listened.

What did Uenuma actually say?

He stated that he was aware of the story of sexual assault, and he blamed the fact that the media could not say anything about it on the fact that there was a tendency to say, “You can’t say such things, it’s a taboo.

The BBC made an issue of it. The BBC made an issue of it, and the media got upset. It’s disgraceful.

As for the new president Higashiyama, he said, “I don’t think he should be president.

He is a talented and shining person, isn’t he? He’s working hard as an actor and an MC. I would like to see him mentor those people. Management is difficult. I think it would be better if specialists came together to work on it. I think it would be better to have someone who is not involved in the entertainment industry at all. Mr. Higashiyama, you’re wasting your time.

As in his comment at the beginning of this article, he was highly critical of Johnny’s’s actions, and expressed his anger at Johnny’s’s decision to keep the name of the company as it was, saying, “Absolutely not.

It’s outrageous. It’s outrageous. This kind of thing, flaunting the name of the devil. When you hear that name, you can’t help but think about the sexual assault. It’s a big incident. We should destroy it once and for all.

The Internet reaction to Uenuma’s series of comments was extremely positive. Even though they were local to the Kansai and Chukyo regions, there was hardly any opposition to her outspokenness, which could be said to be too much for terrestrial broadcasting.

In the past, Kansai-local TV programs used to feature extreme statements that could not be aired in Tokyo, but these days she is not as outspoken as she used to be. Why is it that Uenuma is able to make such radical statements and why are they supported? Columnist Takahiko Kageyama explains.

Uenuma-san’s stance is that when he has something to say about an event that is happening in society, he speaks up to the big authorities from the perspective of an ordinary person. He is always willing to go beyond the line that people on TV usually only go so far, and viewers have applauded his willingness to go so far.

According to Kageyama, the reason why Uenuma is loved is not only because he speaks out against those who are strong.

In his 20-minute speech, he repeatedly said things like, ‘I feel sorry for Higashiyama-kun for being president,’ and ‘Why does he have to be president, too? I think Uenuma’s human nature came out in his comments. What he likes, he likes. What he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like. That is why I am not objective. He himself said that he speaks from his feelings, and that Kansai people especially appreciate this kind of character. Ryutaro Ueoka, who passed away, also seemed to speak in a logical and orderly manner, but there were times when he was quite emotional in what he said.

There are people in Tokyo who say things in an orderly and clever manner, but they say them without forgetting their comedian’s taste. Ueoka-san and Uenuma-san may be different types, but they have similarities. If I were forced to add, there are similarities with Yashikata Kajin as well.

One of the points in common among the “three giants of Kansai” is that they are not affiliated with Yoshimoto, a major force in the industry. Kageyama points out that this is also an important point.

Not only Yoshimoto, but also other major entertainment companies have a part of them that they would like to say, but cannot. It is probably because you are working for a private agency that you are able to say what you need to say without hesitation. There is still no one like that in the next generation. Both the viewers and the producers are looking forward to a comedian who can speak up and represent the Kansai region like the “three giants”.

Seemingly radical comments may actually be the realm of “artistry.

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