U.S. criticized for “providing murder weapons”… “Nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula” shudder scenario as Putin strengthens military ties with North Korea. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

U.S. criticized for “providing murder weapons”… “Nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula” shudder scenario as Putin strengthens military ties with North Korea.

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President Putin and Kim Jong-Un are rapidly deepening their relationship. What is the goal of this shivering relationship? (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)

A press conference held on September 15 by U.S. Assistant to the President Sullivan conveyed a more tense atmosphere than usual.

The view that talks on providing weapons to kill the Ukrainian people are ongoing has not changed after the Ro-North Korean summit,” Sullivan said. We are very concerned that both countries will act in violation of the sanctions resolutions of the UN Security Council.

In this stern tone, he said that the U.S., Japan, and South Korea would coordinate their efforts against threats to the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. is wary of the proximity of Russia and North Korea. On September 17, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un returned home after a six-day visit to Russia, the longest official visit abroad.

The hospitality of Russia was unparalleled,” Kim Jong-un said. Not only did they choose the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Far East, where cutting-edge technology and classified information are concentrated, as the site for the summit meeting with President Putin. He was introduced to a factory that manufactures state-of-the-art combat unmanned attack aircraft (drones) and a strategic bomber at a military airfield. At the Pacific Fleet base, Kim Jong-Un was taken aboard the frigate Martial Shaposhnikov and personally briefed by senior officers on its capabilities. A joint military exercise is also being planned,” said a reporter stationed in Moscow for a national newspaper.

Unexpected U.S. contingency

It is not surprising that Russia, which is isolated from the rest of the West due to the situation in Ukraine, would approach North Korea, which is also at odds with the West. However, President Putin’s purpose in treating Kim Jong-Un well is not simply to deepen relations with the North. There is a shudder in the back of his mind,” said Itsuro Nakamura, a professor emeritus at Tsukuba University and an expert on Russian affairs.

Russia is having a difficult time in Ukraine. The biggest factor is that the U.S. is providing military support to Ukraine. For Russia, it is necessary to allocate the power of the United States.

For this purpose, what President Putin will recall will be the contingency on the Korean Peninsula. I think he is trying to provoke Kim Jong-Un to clash with North Korea and South Korea, while promising technical assistance. He will spread the U.S. power to Ukraine and the Korean Peninsula. The U.S. is prepared for the Taiwan issue, but not for a Korean Peninsula contingency, so it would cause a lot of confusion.

President Putin has often hinted at the use of nuclear weapons. If an emergency were to occur on the Korean Peninsula, Japan would not be a stranger to the situation and could suffer unimaginable damage. Mr. Nakamura continues.

The Sea of Japan will be one of the main battlegrounds, and U.S. forces will be launched from Okinawa. U.S. military bases in Japan will become targets of North Korean and Russian attacks. There is even the danger of a major multinational military conflict between Ukraine and the Korean Peninsula, which could escalate into World War III.

A horrifying scenario emerged as a result of the proximity of Russia and the DPRK: ……. The situation on the Korean Peninsula will quickly become more tense.

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