Mitsuko Baisho, a great actress, “living at home at will” 《Shotting and photographing the ever-cool Mitsuko Baisho! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mitsuko Baisho, a great actress, “living at home at will” 《Shotting and photographing the ever-cool Mitsuko Baisho!

The reason why Mitsuko Baisho continues to have a steady flow of work is her self-improvement that keeps her going to the gym and her common sense that allows her to shop at the supermarket by herself.

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The actress is living in a corner of Nerima.

FRIDAY, having heard the rumors spreading among the residents, passed by Nerima and suddenly came across Mitsuko Baisho, 76, dressed in sunglasses, coming out of a gym by herself. Even the way she was holding a parasol to protect herself from the sun made the scene look like a scene from a movie. After that, Baisho bought peaches and avocados at a supermarket “Maibasuketto” and quietly disappeared into a residential area.

Baisho on his way home from shopping at the supermarket. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and gloves to protect himself from the sun.

Baisho, who has appeared in many Japanese film classics such as “Vengeance is mine,” and is also starring in this year’s much-talked-about “Gannibal,” is living alone in Nerima.

We interviewed Baisho.

–I was curious to know what kind of life she was leading, so I asked her to speak to us.

She said, “Right now, I am living with my late brother’s wife. As for me, I haven’t been home for a long time. I even go to the gym.”

He then bowed to the reporter and continued on his way.

Mr. Baisho has always taken care of his own personal affairs instead of leaving it to his manager. His unpretentious personality is probably one of the reasons for his popularity,” said entertainment critic Takayuki Shiroshita.

She had a glamorous romantic history, including marriage to the late Antonio Inoki and a passionate love affair with the late Kenichi Hagiwara, but it was in the town of the common people where she was born and raised that she returned to just before her 77th birthday.

The fact that she continues to receive offers to appear in the drama series at the age of 76 must be due to her personality, which has steadily honed her acting without losing her sense of the common people.

In the drama “Roppongi Class” (TV Asahi) broadcast last year, her performance in yelling at Teruyuki Kagawa (57), a member of the same office, became a big hit.
This magazine never published cut: Mitsuko Baisho, a great actress who has always been cool!
A cut that has never been published in this magazine Mitsuko Baisho: discovering and photographing the ever-cool appearance of a great actress!
Unpublished cuts of Mitsuko Baisho Discover and photograph the ever-cool appearance of a great actress!

From the September 15 and 22 , 2023 issues of FRIDAY

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