The impact of the disappearance of “discovery to the office”… The use of “former Johnny’s celebrities” on NTV and Yomiuri TV has drastically increased! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The impact of the disappearance of “discovery to the office”… The use of “former Johnny’s celebrities” on NTV and Yomiuri TV has drastically increased!

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Mr. Takizawa, president of “TOBE,” an office where many former Johnny’s talents who have left the group gather.

Former Johnny’s Jr. member Tateki Daito, who moved to the new company “TOBE Inc.” established by Hideaki Takizawa, will appear in the NTV drama “The Boys with a Secret” starting on October 6. Since July, former V6 member Ken Miyake and former King & Prince members Shiyou Hirano & Yuta Jinguji Although they have joined TOBE, they have not appeared on terrestrial TV at present.

Under such circumstances, Daito was reported on the Internet news as the first TOBE talent to appear in a drama series.

Daito, who was active as a child actor in the Shiki Theater Company’s stage productions and other productions, joined the Johnny’s agency in July 2007. Last year, he was cast in the musicals “Endless SHOCK -Eternal-” and “Endless SHOCK” starring Koichi Domoto of the KinKi Kids.

With his extensive stage experience, Takizawa must have high hopes for Daito’s performance as an actor, as fans on the Internet who support TOBE have commented, “Daito-kun, it’s amazing to see you in a drama. Tacky, as expected!’ President Takizawa’s skill is amazing that he can appear in a commercial TV drama so soon after transferring to a new office. On the other hand, Nippon TV is seeing an increase in opportunities for former Janis to appear in variety shows.

For example, Tomohisa Yamashita, an actor and solo artist, appeared as a guest on the September 12 broadcast of the variety show “Human Commentary Omoumai Ten”; on the 17th, he appeared on “Hulu ‘God’s Drop’ Distribution Commemoration! On the 17th, a special program titled “Hulu’s ‘God’s Shizuku’ Commemorating the Release of ‘God’s Shizuku’! TV Special Investigation” on August 25.

Also, former SMAP member Shingo Katori appeared on the August 18 broadcast of the music program “Buzz Rhythm 02,” singing at Nippon TV for the first time in eight years. There is also talk of “Kin-chan & Shingo Katori’s All Japan Masquerade Awards” (to be broadcast next year) coming back to Nittele for the first time in three years, concerning Katori and Nippon TV. To begin with, Katori, Goro Inagaki, and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, the three former members of SMAP, known as “New Map. Katori, Goro Inagaki, and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, all ex-SMAP members of the “New Map” group, have had less TV exposure since leaving Johnny’s in September 2005. However, for the past few years, Yomiuri TV, an affiliate of Nippon TV and local to the Kansai region, has produced a program featuring Katori and Kusanagi.

In 2009 and 2010, Katori and comedian Naomi Watanabe served as MCs for the special program “Nippon no Legend Sakujo SP: The First People Were Amazing! and served as MC for the special program “Nippon Legend Discovery SP: The First People Were Amazing! On February 19 of this year, “Legendary Another Name: The Story of the Change-makers Behind the Name,” co-starring actress Mayu Matsuoka, was also broadcast. And after a special program, Kusanagi began a regular program called “Kusanagi Yasutomo no Usagi to Kame” (Kansai local) last May, teaming up with female comic storyteller Yasuyo Umihara Tomoko.

Oddly enough, their old home, Johnny’s, is facing strong headwinds in the wake of the sex-abuse scandal involving its founder, the late Johnny Kitagawa. On September 7, the office held a press conference and apologized to the victims after admitting the fact of sexual assault. The new president, Noriyuki Higashiyama of Shonen-tai, stated during the Q&A session that he would not interfere with the activities of the three members of “New Map” and Jinguji & Hirano. As long as Johnny’s has publicly stated so, there is no need for the TV stations to hold back.

Nippon TV’s “cozy relationship” with Johnny’s was evident in this year’s major charity program, “24 Hours TV 46” (broadcast August 26-27), in which Naniwa Otoko were the main personalities. However, it is likely that more offers will be made to ex-jani in the future in light of the current situation at the office.

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