Two months after her indefinite suspension… Why Ryoko Hirosue could return in the not-too-distant future | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Two months after her indefinite suspension… Why Ryoko Hirosue could return in the not-too-distant future

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She seems to be enjoying her house arrest in her own way these days, picking up her children from school and going to the salon with her mother (July ’23).

It has already been two months since actress Ryoko Hirosue was suspended from work indefinitely. The reason for this is, of course, the adultery scandal. Her partner, popular chef Shusaku Toba, also resigned as president of his own company, and several collaborative projects with companies and local governments were forced to be canceled. Hirosue also divorced her husband, Candle Jun. The double adultery was a blow to both parties, but I think it is the size of Hirosue’s presence that makes it more than just a double affair.

Before going any further, we must look back at the history of Hirosue’s love life. In the past, he has been romantically involved with Yusuke Iseya, Ken Kaneko, Dai Nagai, Takeru Sato, and others. His first marriage was to model Takahiro Okazawa. All of them are good-looking men in common. Although she has become quieter recently, I was not surprised to hear about the affair, considering that she was once reported to be a pouty actress. More importantly, her remarried partner is Mr. Jun, and her latest affair is with Mr. Toba. He is more of a wild type than a handsome man. I feel that these changes and others like them spurred the current turmoil. To put it another way, Hirosue is a different kind of person. A reporter for a sports newspaper recalls.

When she debuted at the age of 15, her first published photo book became a bestseller. Her commercial for a pager became a hit, and when she was cast in a drama series, her acting ability also helped propel her to stardom. Today, many entertainers are highly educated, but her entrance into Waseda University with a recommendation was groundbreaking. The first time he attended the school, he was inundated by the media and became a social phenomenon. Although she eventually dropped out of college, she chose to go to college of her own volition, and her self-production in choosing the brand name Waseda University was brilliant. Combined with her subsequent free-spiritedness, it set her apart from other actresses of her generation.”

She is highly regarded as an actress. Last year, she won the Best Supporting Actress award at Kinema Shun and other film awards for her role in the movie “The Demon Over There. She was highly acclaimed in front of Shinobu Terajima, the lead actress, who even shaved her hair. Although there is a difference between a leading role and a supporting role, she is no worse than Terashima, who is known as a strong performer.

The affair occurred in the midst of a period in which she was doing very well in her day job. When the affair broke out, her agency followed its customary policy of making no comment, which was followed by Terashima herself. I believe that the successful experience of bringing the affair with Takeru Sato to an end made them do so. However, Mr. Toba leaked his true intentions to the media, and Mr. Jun even held a press conference himself, bringing to light the financial arrangement with Sato that, in the eyes of Hirosue, would have dug his own grave. In the end, Hirosue, who had remained silent, was suspended indefinitely. A person in charge of the show business office revealed, “Hirosue was in a relationship with Mr. Toba.

When the weekly magazine caught Hirosue’s relationship with Toba, she was planning to divorce Jun, so she wanted to be open about it. So she wanted to openly disclose that as well, but her agency stopped her. After all, as long as the divorce was not finalized, it would be considered adultery, but for Hirosue, she wanted to show that the marital relationship was over. They are not happy that they are taking a big hit despite having followed the office’s policy.”

For entertainment agencies, the way to deal with an adultery scandal is on a case-by-case basis. Comedians such as Downtown’s Masanori Hamada were thought to be relatively unaffected, but others, such as Janpoke Saito Shinji, have even been forced to drop their programs. While so-called variety personalities such as Becky and Mari Yaguchi have been hit hard, talented actresses such as Ryoko Shinohara and Yuki Saito seem to be less affected. Yuki Saito even had a photo of her adulterous partner wearing underwear on her head, but she still seems to maintain a clean image. To put it another way, if an actress has an artistry and presence that is hard to replace, she may be able to get by.

From this perspective, Hirosue must be confident. That is why she even called the editorial department of the weekly magazine that reported the affair. And I think she wanted to complain that her marriage with Mr. Jun had broken down. She is now 43 years old and the mother of three children. This visual and presence is not something that can be replaced. If only she wanted to, it would not be long before she would return to the stage or in the movies, where she would be less constrained by public opinion.

Some people think that she might move abroad. Some people think that he might move abroad. …… (July ’23)
Hirosue at the Blue Ribbon Award ceremony in ’13. Wearing accessories totaling approximately 24.4 million yen, she attended the ceremony in a sexy dress.
  • Interview and text by Taro Aoyama

    As a reporter for a sports newspaper, Taro Aoyama covered a wide range of entertainment-related topics, including music, movies, and television. He currently writes as a freelance writer.

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