Despite the “Tsuki 9 Drama” ratings struggle… “Deep Reason” for the industry’s keen interest in Nana Mori’s resurgence. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Despite the “Tsuki 9 Drama” ratings struggle… “Deep Reason” for the industry’s keen interest in Nana Mori’s resurgence.

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Mori appeared in the costume from the play. Many people commented that she looked “more mature and innocent.

On August 24, Nana Mori (22) and Shotaro Mamiya (30), who star in the drama “Midsummer Cinderella” (Fuji TV), made a surprise appearance on the “Mezamashi Live” stage within the “Odaiba Adventure King 2023” event organized by Fuji TV.

The drama attracted attention because it was the first romantic drama in Fuji’s signature “Geki 9” slot in about seven years, but it became a topic of conversation in a different way, with its anachronistic dialogue and unrealistic episodes “full of twists and turns. The household viewer ratings have been in the single digits, and some have derided the show as the “lowest-rated Gekkan 9 ever,” but Fuji Television officials are, surprisingly, optimistic about the show.

Although the household viewer ratings are not good, the core viewer ratings (13-49 year olds), which TV stations focus on, are still very high. Household viewer ratings are not good. TV stations’ core viewer ratings (ratings among men and women aged 13-49) are not bad at all. TVer which we are focusing on, has more than 1.1 million registered viewers. The number of registered viewers for TVer, on which we focus, is over 1.1 million, ranking third among this season’s serial dramas, following “VIVANT” (TBS) and “The Best Teacher: 1 Year Later, I Was Taken by a Student” (NTV). Every time the drama is aired, the Internet is flooded with “tskkomi,” which has become a hot topic of conversation. The number of views is also strong.

Speaking of Mori, she is one of the young talented actresses who appeared in many high-profile dramas such as “The Last Letter,” a movie directed by Shunji Iwai (60), and the popular drama “3 years A class – From now on, you are all hostages” (Nippon Television Network Corporation). She had a period of time when her exposure dropped drastically due to a dispute with her agency over a transfer, but she is now considered to have made a full comeback with this latest Gekkinen drama.

Cinderella in Midsummer” is the first romantic drama in a long time for Gekkan, and the scriptwriter is a newcomer, Sayaka Ichihigashi, and the cast is all young, making it a “challenging” work. I think the casting of Ms. Mori as the lead actress was based on the recognition of her career to date and the expectation that she would become a great actress in the future. This time The role is one of “pure and healthy girl” which is her forte. pure and healthy girl,” which is her forte. Her “naturalistic acting,” which is her greatest talent and the quality that she does not share with any other actress of her age, is fully demonstrated in this drama. It can be said that this drama is a “complete revival” of Ms. Mori’s performance, which has erased the image of her troubles with the transfer of her company. The TV industry is saying, ‘Mori is good after all'” (columnist Mihoko Yamada).

Summer is drawing to a close, but Mori’s “Cinderella story” is sure to shine even brighter in the future.

Smiling at co-stars and staff between takes.
This is Mori in private. She was having a “lunchtime drinking party” with her friends.
  • Interview and text by Himotaro Machida PHOTO Kumataro Arai, Ichiro Takatsuka, Yusuke Kondo

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