Kaoru Yamaguchi’s “30th Anniversary Concert” in her hometown, Katsushika…Hiroto Kiritani’s “strange move” to save the day | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kaoru Yamaguchi’s “30th Anniversary Concert” in her hometown, Katsushika…Hiroto Kiritani’s “strange move” to save the day

Toshio Ishikawa, entertainment reporter, "Behind the Scenes" of the entertainment industry: ......

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Kaoru Yamaguchi held a concert in her hometown of Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her singing career. Hiroto Kiritani, a member of the “preferential lifestyle” group, also came to support the event. ……

Toshio Ishikawa, entertainment reporter, reports on the entertainment world: “What’s Behind the Scenes: ……

Kaoru Yamaguchi, who celebrated her 30th anniversary as a singer, held a concert on September 2 at the Kameari Lirio Hall in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, to commemorate the release of her new songs “Futanjoke” and “Sangyouhan no Blues.

The 25th anniversary concert was also held at Lirio Hall. Because of his love for his hometown and the support of many local fans, he has continued to hold commemorative concerts in his hometown.

I first became acquainted with Ms. Yamaguchi when Shigeo Nagashima, honorary lifetime manager of the Giants, asked her to change her stage name from “Kaori Aoki,” which was the name she had used during her Columbia days.

I got to know her because her manager was the son of Kenichi Mikawa, the president of Kenichi Mikawa’s office. Her masculine personality did not match her beautiful face.

So for the past 20 years or so, I have often consulted her about my personal life.

I made a friend in Kansai who fell in love with her personality and became her private manager. Although they both have their own day jobs, they are serious about supporting her, and although most of her entertainment work is centered in Tokyo, she comes to Tokyo from the Kansai region each time she works as a manager.

She has a voice like Yinsook Katsura’s, which some would say is “charming.”

Some say, “She has a husky voice and her singing ability is second to none.

Sixteen years ago, she sang her own song, “Yume no Mata Yume,” in the famous “Uta-Kon Gold Medal” corner of NHK’s “Uta-Kon Concert,” and received an impressive 99% support.

It was a corner in which many new singers appeared, but of course he received the highest score in the corner. After that, until the disappearance of this corner, there was no singer who could pass her.

Even singers who are that good at singing are not blessed with hit songs. In particular, enka and uta singers have entered an era in which it is difficult for them to have hits.

Then the spread of the new coronavirus occurred. I have seen her lose most of her jobs, especially as local events have been canceled. But she is not a weakling. I would say she is strong, but she doesn’t want to show her hardships to those around her.

It seems that Corona is still going on, but this year, for the first time in a long time, she is able to resume her work. Ms. Yamaguchi is happily absorbed in her work.

He loves his hometown, and the “Iris Festival” at Mizumoto Park in Katsushika, which he had continued every year, also resumed this year after a four-year absence. Local concerts that had been canceled are also making a comeback.

As she rides this wave of success, another ordeal comes her way.

It was difficult for fans in the audience to understand, but the monitors that had worked so well during rehearsals were no longer functioning at all during the performance. The equipment manager could not fix it.

The two managers rushed to a nearby electronics store and bought a bunch of monitors and cords, and within about 30 minutes, they found the cause and fixed it. No one would expect such a thing to happen during a concert.

Hiroto Kiritani, a 7-dan Shogi player and shareholder of the company, who was in the audience, came up on stage and connected with the audience. This made the approximately 500 fans wait patiently for the resumption of the event.

I am a fan of Kaoru-san, too. Let’s support her until she appears in Kohaku.

The audience cheered wildly. The audience cheered for her.

But I was charged for the sound system,” said the manager.

(according to the manager) “But we were charged for the sound. As a person in the business, I was a bit arrogant. I think it is a big responsibility to ruin an important concert, but Mr. Yamaguchi said, “It was an accident, so it can’t be helped.

“It was an accident, so it can’t be helped,” Mr. Yamaguchi said.

I think it was an accident, so it can’t be helped,” he said. That may be a typical Yamaguchi, but it is a problem.

Back to the subject, the lyrics of the new song were written by Toyohisa Araki and the music by Keisuke Hama. Mr. Yamaguchi said

When I heard the song, I was impressed by the beautiful melody. I feel that Mr. Araki’s poems have a special charm in the way he understands and sings about the feelings (likes) and (dislikes) that exist within people.

He added, “I will continue to cherish my hometown.

I would like to cherish my birthplace and continue to commemorate its anniversary for a long time to come. Because I’m not going to get married.

After 30 years of singing without a major hit, Yamaguchi’s emotional support comes from his deep-rooted fans in his hometown.

  • Text by Toshio Ishikawa (entertainment reporter) Toshio Ishikawa (Entertainment Reporter)

    Born in Tokyo in 1946. He has a unique career path from Shochiku's advertising department to a reporter for women's magazines to an entertainment reporter. He has appeared on "The Wide" and "Information Live Miyaneya" (both on Nippon Television Network Corporation), and currently appears regularly on "Mentai Wide" (Fukuoka Broadcasting System), "Su Matan" (Yomiuri TV), and Rainbow Town FM.

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