Johnny’s’s “Naniwa Boys” Nagao and “Kiss My” Senga in a “love triangle” over a woman. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s’s “Naniwa Boys” Nagao and “Kiss My” Senga in a “love triangle” over a woman.

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Nagao Kento, a member of the popular Japanese group “Naniwa Danshi,” was discovered to be in love with a senior colleague. He is said to be in a “love triangle” with his senpai. ……

Johnny’s is currently promoting “Naniwa Danshi” Nagao Kento and Mikami Yuua, a former SKE48 member and a former sexy actress, are reported to be in love. The September 7 issue of Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) reported their “sleepover love” that lasted more than 10 hours at her apartment.

Moreover, it is said that Nagao came and stayed at the apartment after Kis-My-Ft2’s Kengo Senga and Mikami spent time together on August 31, but at different times. This highlights a love triangle within the same Johnny’s group.

According to Bunshun, Senga and Mikami met through a mutual friend two or three years ago and soon developed a dating relationship. It is unclear whether Nagao had his hands on his “senior’s girl” or whether Mikami was playing around freely without knowing it, but both deny that they are not in a relationship. (Sports newspaper reporter)

Speaking of Naniwa Boys, Bunshun also reported on their love affair on August 9. Like Nagao, it was about Daigo Nishihata, one of the most popular members of the group.

On July 30, the last day of the Naniwa Boys’ concert tour in Osaka, Nishihata went directly to Yomiuri TV announcer Natsuyasu Adachi’s luxury townhouse in the same city for a sleepover (……). Nishihata was photographed in a “blonde wig” disguise and became a topic of conversation.

Naniwa Otoko are in the middle of their arena tour, which is scheduled to run until the end of October. For fans, the tour is a special time when they can meet their long-awaited “guesses.

For a fan to go to a woman’s apartment after such a concert is an act of betrayal. With the damage done to the office by the sexual assault issue, it is a travesty when a scandal appears in a celebrity’s private life as well.

On social networking sites and the Internet, the following comments were made about the scandal

“A second girl on tour…it’s going to be hard for me to walk to the venue.

Let’s choose the right partner. It’s pretty tough for the fans to see their favorite girlfriend as a sexy actress.

There really are a lot of Johnny’s who like sexy actresses, aren’t there?

Fans were saddened by the news.

It is true that Johnny’s has been reported to have relationships with sexy actresses many times in the past.

Jun Matsumoto of Arashi fame was reported to be in a relationship with Mao Inoue but also with sexy actress Tsukasa Aoi, and Toshi Inoo of JUMP’s “Hey! JUMP’s Ino’o Satoshi is also reported to have traveled to Singapore with Asuka Kirara.

The latest sexy actresses have the same good looks as idols,” said Katsunori Mikami, a Japanese actress. As for Mikami-san, she is a former idol. Even though she is a Johnny’s talent, it may be inevitable that they develop a passionate love ……” (a person related to the entertainment industry).

The Johnny’s s office held a press conference on the issue of sexual assault. Even so, the company has been in an existential crisis since its founding, so it may be inevitable that they are unable to handle talent management. ……

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