Suspicious documents were spread about a “relationship with a person with a criminal record”…Osaka Restoration Association, House of Representatives member candidate is suspected of “black dating”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Suspicious documents were spread about a “relationship with a person with a criminal record”…Osaka Restoration Association, House of Representatives member candidate is suspected of “black dating”.

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In the first part of this report, we reported on allegations of power harassment by Kaoru Nishida, 56, a member of the Osaka Restoration Association and a member of the Osaka Prefectural Assembly who is expected to enter national politics in the next lower house election. we reported on allegations of power harassment by Kaoru Nishida, 56, a member of the Osaka Restoration Association and a prefectural assembly member who is expected to enter national politics in the next lower house election.

In fact, however, the vast volume of suspicious documents, more than 10 of which were obtained by this magazine, pointed out that the majority of the allegations were related to Nishida’s personal relationships with other prefectural assembly members. The documents included references to Nishida’s associations with yakuza, former gangsters, and criminals, and some of the documents even mentioned his relationships with women. When we conducted repeated interviews in Nishida’s hometown of Moriguchi City, we came up with a number of suspicions that we could not believe our ears.

Baba Nobuyuki, 58, is the representative of The Japan Innovation Party.

One of Nishida’s former supporters said, “Nishida is a Moriguchi City Councilor.

Nishida had an adulterous affair with a married woman of the same generation with a child, Ms. C, from 2009 to 2010, after he became a prefectural assembly member from Moriguchi City Council. The Nishida office was in an uproar when it learned of the affair. The secretary at the time managed to persuade the woman to come to her senses, but it would have been a catastrophe if she had made a mistake and resigned as a member of the assembly. ……

When this magazine’s reporter contacted the secretary at the time, she said, “I can’t answer your questions,” but she acknowledged most of the facts and explained as follows.

Ms. C told us, “Whenever we had sexual relations, Mr. Nishida would only have sex in my car to save money for a hotel room. I feel he doesn’t value me as a woman, so I want to get into trouble with him by going to the council meeting. Nishida had been elected to the prefectural assembly by a margin of about 26,000 votes, and it seems that he began his relationship with Ms. C with sweet words, saying, ‘I will love you just for those votes. However, her anger at Nishida, who treated her as if she were a thing and then tried to fade away, was at its limit. When I asked for a hearing to understand the situation, Nishida said, “I don’t know. I don’t know,'” she blurted out. When I told him that Ms. C. was coming to the assembly, he admitted the relationship and finally cried out, ‘I wish you would do something to stop it.

When asked about the relationship in a direct interview, Nishida replied, “I have never seen or heard of (Ms. C ). When we later sent another questionnaire to the office, the response was short and worded, “There is no fact.

Nishida is fending off Moriguchi City’s crazies like ex-Yakuza.

Ex-yakuza and drug abusers are unforgivable.

If he is connected to an active yakuza, it is unforgivable. If he is connected with an anti-society person, it will be a big blow not only to Dr. Nishida but also to the Osaka Restoration Association and the Moriguchi municipal government. This must be made clear.”

Most of the black amorous dealings in the suspicious documents were related to Nishida’s supporters and supporters’ associations, as described above.

The suspicious documents containing allegations about Nishida and his surroundings

In order to investigate the allegations in the suspicious documents, we interviewed people around Nishida in Moriguchi City. One of the aforementioned former supporters testified that “people with criminal records were in and out of Nishida’s political organization.

His supporters are tough-looking people, and many of them used to be young boys. That is how people began to suspect his social relations four or five years ago. Nishida’s supporters’ group is separate from a local organization called ‘Kaorufukai,’ and there is a political organization called ‘Shuwakai,’ which acts like a corporate supporters’ group. A real estate company manager named Mr. D, who frequented the group, was arrested in 2010 for running a prostitution club and violating the Pimping Law. This naturally raises the possibility that money from Mr. D’s associates may have flowed to Nishida.

A former secretary of the aforementioned group said, “Mr. D must have been in charge of accounting. We have seen him many times at meetings, so we recognize him as one of the organizers.

When we interviewed city government officials and those involved in the Restoration Association, we also heard many stories about “alleged sabotage activities against the mayor using a right-wing group” in ’20. An incumbent city councilor in Moriguchi City explains the reason for this.

In late June ’20, two vehicles of a right-wing group in the neighboring city of Neyagawa (*editor’s note: currently dissolved) conducted a lengthy street propaganda campaign in and around Moriguchi City. The content of the street propaganda was an attack on the businesses of a close friend of then Mayor Katsuki Nishibata, and included accompanying offensive remarks against the mayor. Originally, Nishida and former Mayor Nishibata were known to be at odds at every turn over policy issues, and were known as “dogs and monkeys. About three months prior to the meeting, the Hundred Articles Committee met, and a person with an arrest record named Mr. E, who was an enthusiastic supporter of Nishida’s campaign, had stormed into City Hall and attacked city officials with content that seemed to agree with Nishida. The problem was that the representative of the right-wing group was a person who had been arrested three times between June of 2010 and January of this year, and had been reported in the press. Some of Mr. E’s senior staff members saw him talking with the representative of the right-wing group on the day of the publicity campaign. So we began to hear voices among the city council members that the public declaration may have been orchestrated by Nishida,” said one of them.

We actually obtained video footage of the day of the event, and it was indeed possible to confirm that two city advertising vehicles were running around Moriguchi Station and City Hall. We also visited the area where the right-wing group used to be located and interviewed some residents, who told us that they had indeed seen similar vehicles parked in this neighborhood. A person who knows both Mr. E and the representative of the right-wing group well, who witnessed the event on the day of the event, said.

I found the truck parked at a convenience store between Kadoma and Nishimisou stations, and the representative and Mr. E were talking to each other in a friendly manner. I have known the two of them for a long time, so there was no mistaking them. As expected, they weren’t running together, but I did see the public security police.”

This magazine called Ms. E’s cell phone to confirm the facts. She replied, “I have never been involved in any city publicity activities. (I was never asked to do so by Nishida.” After denying everything, she replied, “I don’t have a clear recollection of it, but (the representative of the organization) was just telling me that he was a senior local resident.

I don’t have a clear memory, but (the group’s representative) is a senior local resident, and we were just talking.” What’s the problem with that? It’s true that I used to be a bit of a yankee, and I have a criminal record and a criminal record from when I was in my 20s. However, I have nothing to be guilty of now that I have a building permit and have been running a company for many years. As for my opinion that I was against the city government of Moriguchi, I am more of a COVID-19 crisis, and I even donated a lot of masks to the city hall and the board of education. I do not lie about what I am asked. Nishida does not know that I have a history of arrests, and I don’t think I have to tell him every single time.

When we asked Nishida about his relationship with Ms. D, he replied, “I know Ms. D, but I can no longer contact her. I have never been a member of the Shuwakai, nor do I know that he was arrested.

In direct response, Nishida strongly denied the allegations

In the first place, the Shuwakai is a political organization that, during the LDP period, engaged in social activities with business people and served as a conduit for corporate donations. There is no evidence that Mr. D was ever appointed to a position based on its charter as a political organization. Under the bylaws, the only members are the board members, and it is inappropriate to point out that he is an enrolled member just because he participated in the exchange meetings. In addition, the exchange meeting was organized by the board members and those who participated in the previous meeting, but they also invited various people to the meeting in a self-organized manner. Even if they named themselves as secretaries, etc. in that guide, it was for convenience only and not based on the Shuwakai’s rules and regulations. The Osaka Restoration Association was launched in April 2010, and since corporate group donations are prohibited by the Restoration Association, the political organization called Shuwakai has also changed its form to an organization to receive individual donations after the Restoration was launched.

Regarding his relationship with Mr. E, he said, “Mr. E has been helping me with my election, but I am not aware if he has a criminal record, and it is the first time I have heard of it. There are many strong-looking people around his supporters, so there are certainly times when he is misunderstood, such as when people say he is ‘scary,’ but even now, I have no association with anyone who has committed a crime,” he replied.

As for the town hall, he said, “I have never heard the name (of the representative), and of course there is no fact that I asked him to do so. I’m totally not. I am surprised.

The numerous allegations against the Osaka Restoration Association executives in Moriguchi City. Since Mr. Nishida is likely to enter national politics in the next lower house election, it is unlikely that he will be able to say that the suspicions of the citizens of Moriguchi, which are rife with suspicious documents, have been cleared away.

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