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Today is the 15th Birthday of Prince Hisahito of Akishino

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There is a lot of interest and concern about the future of Prince Eugene, the eldest son of the Akishino family.

On September 6, Prince Eugene turned 15 years old. If he were a samurai, he would be at the age of gofuku. Now that he is required to take external entrance exams to enter high school, he has to go through the Tennozan summer… Photo: Reuters/Afro

“At that time, parents all over Tokyo were horrified.

It has been twelve years since he entered the Ochanomizu University Kindergarten under the new and very innovative Ochanomizu University Kindergarten System. It has been 12 years since he entered the Ochanomizu University kindergarten under the new and innovative system.

Although it is a prestigious national kindergarten, elementary and junior high school, Ochanomizu University does not have a co-educational high school.

“One of the routes for boys with excellent grades is to take entrance exams to prestigious schools in Tokyo before entering junior high school, and then leave Ochanomizu. For this reason, they start attending cram schools from the fourth grade. The classes at Ochanomizu Tea School are unique, and they don’t use many textbooks (laughs). (Laughs) Some girls also go to other schools depending on their grades. It is a rare case, but there is a girl who graduated from junior high school and went to Takarazuka.

(Ochanomizu parent) However, Prince Eugene chose to go on to higher education internally. During this time, in 2018, the school established a new “partner school system,” or exchange trade system, with its neighboring school, Tsukuba University.

“This may be beneficial for Ochanomizu, but for Chikuzuke, there are not many families who want to use this system…” (Chikuzuke parent)

There were whispers about what the system was for, but Prince Eugene did not use it and went on to junior high school.

“Is there a possibility that he will not choose Gakushuin?

He is now in the third year of junior high school. He is now in the third year of junior high school, and after the summer vacation, which is said to be the mountainous period for students preparing for entrance examinations, he must have decided which school he wants to attend. There are a number of schools, including Tokyo University of Agriculture, but what about Gakushuin?

Both of the Akishino family’s parents are graduates of Gakushuin University. They met each other on campus and grew to love each other.

“For some time now, they have not responded to our invitations to reunions,” said a Gakushuin insider.

I wonder if he has any deep feelings about his alma mater.

The Emperor smiles at his alma mater…

Until a few years ago, when he was the Crown Prince, His Majesty participated in the alumni events of his alma mater Gakushuin. After the event, he would sometimes take a stroll around the campus, and I was impressed by the way he would smile and wave back when people who were present waved at him.

Princess Mako went to Gakushuin Elementary, Junior High, and High School, and then to International Christian University (ICU), and Princess Kako dropped out of Gakushuin University and entered ICU through the AO exam.

A parent of a child who went to ICU, one of the most international schools in Tokyo, said, “Some of the students are returnees.

“There are a lot of returnees, and the school has a rich international flavor, so I thought it would be a good choice for the global age. When I went to the parent-teacher conference, I was surprised to see boys and girls hugging in the hallway… It was a bit stimulating for my child who grew up in a Japanese school. She got used to it, though.

The two sisters enjoyed extracurricular activities such as dancing in ICU’s liberal school culture, met their lifelong spouses, and had a fulfilling youth.

On the occasion of his 15th birthday, Princess Eugene is said to have been behaving “wildly” toward his mother recently. If he were a samurai, he would be at the age of gofuku. Since entering kindergarten, he has grown up with his mother’s care and attention.

“His elder sisters are very strong, so he will be fine.

As the future leader of the Imperial Family, His Imperial Highness Prince Tomohito is sure to take a “new step” in many ways this year at the age of 15.

  • photo Reuters/Afro

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