Damon Albarn of the legendary rock band “Blur” enjoys Japan with a keroline tub in a public bath in a groove. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Damon Albarn of the legendary rock band “Blur” enjoys Japan with a keroline tub in a public bath in a groove.

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Damon Albarn in a good mood with a keroline tub in his hand

Around noon in mid-August, Damon Albarn, 55, of the legendary British band Blur, got out of a minivan parked at the rotary in front of Tokyo Station.

As he began to walk toward Tokyo Station with his daughter Missy Albarn and band members who had come to Japan with him, the rock-style fans who had been waiting for them all rushed toward them. The Japanese staff stood in front of Damon and walked out to protect him, but for some reason Damon held a keroline tub from a public bathhouse in his left hand and responded to the fans’ cheers with a thumbs-up from his right hand.

Blur is a legendary British rock band along with Oasis, and Damon was a key figure in the Britpop movement that took off in the ’90s in the U.K. In July, they released their first new album in eight years The Ballad Of Darren” was released in July, and was the centerpiece of the Summer Sonic 2023 event, for which he was the headliner.

The Tokyo venue was packed to capacity for their first live performance in nine years. They performed a total of 20 songs in the sweltering heat, and fans were intoxicated by their unabated performance.

They have been in Japan for the past week or so. On Missy’s SNS, she posted how she enjoyed Japanese culture, such as tucking into “Hidakaya” and “Ore-ryu shio ramen” (salt ramen). On the platform, Damon was surrounded by packed fans and responded to autograph requests with a smile, but for some reason he kept the Kerorin Oke without letting go of it while he was there, and boarded the bullet train to Osaka with the Kerorin Oke.

It is not clear whether he liked the public bath so much after the concert or not, but it seems certain that he liked Japanese culture.

Japanese staff stood guard around Damon as he appeared at Tokyo Station.
Damon Albarn and his daughter Missy Albarn surrounded by fans on the Shinkansen platform.
Damon Albarn signing autographs with a keroline bucket in his hand.

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