Aya Omasa’s “G-jacket and flower-patterned onesie” gives off an aura of full-on fashion! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aya Omasa’s “G-jacket and flower-patterned onesie” gives off an aura of full-on fashion!

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness News Harikomi24 (Shinagawa, 11:40 a.m.)

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After her appearance at the event, Oomasa appeared in a gorgeous fashion. He quickly got into a pickup truck and left the venue.

It was just before noon in early October. In the parking lot of a hotel in front of Shinagawa Station, there was a floral atmosphere in the air. The woman who appeared in the parking lot was a woman of great style who looked great in a flower-patterned dress. It was actress Aya Omasa (30).

On this day, she was attending a press conference of the Japanese Red Cross Society’s blood donation promotion project, “Let’s Donate Blood! Blood Donation,” a blood donation promotion project run by the Japanese Red Cross Society, along with comedy duo Peco and actor Fuku Suzuki (17).

As for his memories of blood donation, when he first came to Tokyo, he went with his aunt who loved to donate blood, and he said, “I was happy to get ice cream when I donated blood. In the commercial calling for blood donation, Omasa performed the “Shupei pose”, a joke by Shupei (34) of “Peco”, and revealed that he had practiced it a lot before the shooting.

Wearing a G-jacket and with her long hair flowing, Oomasa got into a pickup car and left the hotel. She’s been sharing photos of her delicious-looking dishes on Instagram, but we’re wondering if she has a partner to serve her home-cooked meals.

The unpublished cut of Aya Omasa in Shinagawa

From “FRIDAY” November 19, 2021 issue

  • Photo by Ippei Hara

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