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The ‘repeated betrayals’ that made Kei Komuro an Internet star

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Kei Komuro has left for the United States with Mako. Will his mother, Kayo, be living with him in New York in the future…

Mako and Kei Komuro. Mako and Kei Komuro, the two people who have had Japan glued to their sides in both good and bad ways over the past few years, got married and left for the US as planned.

“I wonder if this is the end of the Komuro bubble. The “anti-K” campaign continues in the weekly magazines, especially in the women’s magazines, about the suspicious nature of the 4 million yen that was refunded to the mother’s ex-fiancé, and about the concerns of Prince Akishino and his wife about Prince Eugene’s admiration for Kei…”

But…” said a desk clerk at an online media outlet, his expression clouding. The reason for this is …….

“Of course, our site is the same, but Mr. Komuro was an indispensable presence for the Internet media. He was what we call a ‘net star.

I think there are several reasons for this, but I think it’s because the public expects their expectations to be betrayed. “I think “betrayal” is the key word in the story of Mr. Komuro.

In September 2005, the couple’s unofficial engagement press conference was greeted with public congratulations. However, in December of that year, the public mood swung in the opposite direction when Shukan Josei reported on the financial troubles between Kei’s mother and her former fiance. That news itself was the first “betrayal” of Ms. Komuro.

Criticism of Mr. and Mrs. Komuro grew in the online media and on social networking sites, and the engagement was postponed. Mr. Komuro decided to leave Japan and move to the United States to become a lawyer in New York State.

At that time, the atmosphere in Japan was filled with the “expectation” that the engagement would be dissolved. However, this never came to pass, and Kei continued to “betray” the expectations of many people in Japan.

The document that Kei released in January 2007, stating that the money issue had been resolved, also betrayed the expectations of many Japanese who had assumed that she would make a full apology.

The document triggered an outpouring of criticism and posts. Mr. Komuro’s behavior was so far away from the blessings of the people that Princess Mako was worried sick at heart, but Kei, undeterred by all the criticism, kept his love alive with Princess Mako and got married the other day.

It was a complete betrayal of those who were expecting a breakup. This is the perfection of “betrayal.

It was right after he took the New York State Bar Exam, and it was reported that he had found a job at a major local law firm.

“Kei-san! Passed!

Many Japanese people thought that Kei had probably gotten a good feeling about passing the certification exam, and expected to receive the good news soon. But, as you know, even that expectation was “betrayed”.

Anyway, Kei-san has been “betraying” the Japanese people at every turn. It is no wonder that she has become a star of the Internet media, as she provides topics of conversation and attracts attention on a daily basis.

By moving to the U.S., Kei will be away from the Japanese media, but the paparazzi there are even more vicious than in Japan. They may work very hard if their photos are sold to the Japanese media.

I have settled my financial problems with my ex-fiancee and have moved on to a new place. She has her bar exam next February, but will she be able to immerse herself in studying for the exam while enjoying her newly married life and enduring the hard work at the law firm?

“I want her to pass the exam.

On the one hand, I hope that I will pass the exam, but on the other hand, I’m sure that some of you may have a nasty feeling about what will happen if I don’t pass the exam. I can’t say that I don’t have such feelings in me. No one knows what the future holds.

When I received the news that my financial troubles with my ex-fiancee had been resolved, the desk of a weekly women’s magazine let slip the following words.

“It seems like things are finally settled.

It seems that her ex-fiancé also had a big miscalculation on her side. When I asked several lawyers, they were almost unanimous in their opinion that they could not legally get their money back.

On the other hand, I had hoped that if the media made a big deal out of it, it would be a moral issue that could be resolved separately from the legal issue. However, Mr. Komuro and his son betrayed the wishes of his ex-fiancée and did not pay the money immediately. This made the situation more complicated and prolonged.

The matter has now been settled, but I don’t think that the interest in Mr. Komuro is going to fade away like a bubble. I suspect that something else will happen sooner or later.

A “betrayal” similar to that of Princess Meghan’s behavior, which strokes the conservatives in the UK. If such a thing happens, the Internet public opinion will not be silent. Although the new life in the U.S. has created a geopolitical distance between Japan and Japan, I believe that many Japanese will continue to take an interest in Kei Komuro.

Looking forward to the next “betrayal” by Ms. Komuro….

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    After working as a desk clerk for the culture department of an evening newspaper, an editorial staff member at a publishing company, and a copywriter, Watabe became a freelance entertainment writer. He covers all aspects of the performing arts, including movies, theater, entertainment, and music. He also writes undercover as a ghostwriter for talent books and other publications.

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