The possibility of “fleeing abroad”… “The deep anguish of the Akishino family” behind “Princess Kako’s separation commotion | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The possibility of “fleeing abroad”… “The deep anguish of the Akishino family” behind “Princess Kako’s separation commotion

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Princess Kako gives a speech at this year’s New Year’s general visit to the Imperial Palace / Afro

I have the impression that the issue of the separation of Kako, the second daughter of the Akishino family, is still smoldering. The renovated Akishino residence was completed last September, and the family was scheduled to move out of their temporary residence by March of this year, but it has become clear that only Kako has not moved there and is living alone.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been several reports that Princess Kako has been living separately from her family.

It seems that this was a story that no one in the Imperial Household Agency was unaware of, but on June 30, the Grand Minister of the Imperial Household, who serves the Akishino family, finally publicly acknowledged the situation. The reason given was that it had become necessary to cut expenses for the renovation of the residence.

Therefore, he decided to change the plan to build a private room for Mako and Kako.

I thought that since the total cost of the project was over 4 billion yen, there should have been some detailed explanation as to how much money could have been saved, but there was none. Perhaps the attempt to force through everything by ‘cutting expenses’ was too much to ask for, and as a result, a mood was created that said, ‘Isn’t it selfish of Kako to live apart from her husband? I feel that the explanation and response by the Imperial Household Agency were not good enough, or perhaps too bad.

By the way, how was the decision to separate made in the first place? According to the Imperial Household Agency’s explanation, the decision was made through discussions among family members other than Prince Eugene. …… A member of the Akishino family pointed out, “In the end, that may be the case.

Although that may be the case in the end, I see it as a sign of the deep anguish that lies within the Akishino family.

What does this mean?

In conclusion, I believe that the relationship between Akishino no Miya and Kako is not good. Like Mako, Kako is in a position to have lived her life with the full understanding that she would leave the Imperial Family after marriage long ago. And in fact, no room was set aside for the two of them in the new palace. The reason for this is said to be expenses, but it is believed that there was no such plan originally. There was no explanation that they did not have to move because they did not have a place to stay, but on the other hand, I hear that it is possible if they wanted to prepare a space for living”.

Anyway, the current situation has created a bad trend of “news reports of separation, admission of separation, and then flames.

I have heard that there are people who say that Princess Kako might have decided to move out for the time being if she wanted to avoid such a situation. Naturally, the Imperial Household Agency simulated various possibilities, and I get the impression that they even went into the situation prepared for the flames.

The source cited the press conference at the time of Mako’s marriage to Kei Komuro.

Mako-san said at that time, ‘As for studying abroad, I asked Kei-san to move up his future plans to study abroad and establish a base overseas. It is said that Mako-san had become unable to find hope in the Imperial Family or life in Japan. It seems that Kako shares many ideas with Mako in many respects. Therefore, it is being whispered that there is a possibility that she may choose to leave Japan and live in a foreign country when she marries and leaves the Imperial Family.

The shock of “Kako’s separation” is likely to continue.

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