Purchaser of the Former Site of the Former Office of the Takumi Gumi, a Famous Yakuza Group of the Martial and Economic Faction, Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Story of a Swamp | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Purchaser of the Former Site of the Former Office of the Takumi Gumi, a Famous Yakuza Group of the Martial and Economic Faction, Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Story of a Swamp

A building with a long history in the middle of downtown Minami, Osaka, has finally been demolished!

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It was a building that symbolized the chivalrous world of the Kansai region. The demolition of the building is nearing its final stage, and by mid-July, only a small portion of the first floor will remain.

The headquarters of the Takumi Gumi II stands in a prime location in Minami, Osaka’s most popular entertainment district. The sale of the offices of this prestigious organization was decided in April of this year.

The office, which has four stories above ground and a total floor space of approximately 320 square meters, cost 330 million yen. The property has long attracted the attention of real estate brokers, as it is said to be priced at no less than 500 million yen at market value.

However, it is said that a “war of words” is still being waged among the parties involved over the sale. Hideo Kukihara, a businessman who served as an intermediary, expresses his indignation.

Mr. K was the one who persistently raised his hand to buy the headquarters,” said Hideo Kukihara, a businessman who acted as an intermediary. He is known in the underworld as well as in the real estate business, and he refused to sell for compliance reasons. Ultimately, he decided to sell the property to Mr. A, a representative of a private company, but upon closer examination, it was discovered that Mr. K had lent the majority of the funds for Mr. A’s purchase. When we questioned Mr. K in June of this year, he reiterated, “I used Mr. A, a servant of mine! He was not a good friend of Mr. K’s. When we later learned that Mr. K had used his son’s company in the past to sell the homes of people affiliated with the Takumi group, we confirmed this, and Mr. K admitted as much.

When we asked Mr. A, the purchaser of the office, about his suspicions, he readily admitted to receiving funds from Mr. K and replied, “I have already returned the investment.

‘I have already returned the investment, and Mr. K’s hand is now off and I am doing it myself.’

On the other hand, he also divulged the details of his arrangement with Mr. K. “Mr. K. said to me, ‘I’ve had a hard time (from him).

He said, ‘Give me a little for my hard work,’ and ‘If it sells at a high price, give me a little.’ I said, ‘Okay. I said, ‘Okay.

Mr. A is now adamant that Mr. K is no longer involved. He plans to put the property on the market as soon as the demolition work is completed.

The headquarters intends to resell the property as soon as the land is cleared. A local real estate agent approached us with a price of 5 million yen per tsubo, but we turned it down because it was too cheap. Since we are paying for it, we are pursuing profit, and I have to make a profit too. I am not excluding anyone. The prefectural police are also keeping a close eye on compliance, so of course I will abide by their rules. We will sell it to the highest bidder. After the demolition is finished, we will then ‘yo-yo it'” (Mr. A).

In addition to being a martial arts faction, the Takumi clan was also renowned as an economic yakuza. Their legacy is about to give birth to a new money game.

The office before demolition. The office has been in ruins since January 2008.

From the August 18-25, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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