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21-year-old unemployed man arrested for preying on girls in Around Shinjuku Toho Building

A 21-year-old unemployed man, also known as the "Four Heavenly Kings of Toyoko," Kaito Yaegashi, was arrested under the Child Prostitution and Pornography Act for luring minors through social networking sites and taking them to a hotel. But there's still no end to the girls who flock to this place.

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Yaegashi posted a video on TkiTok and it was flooded with comments such as “cool” and “I want to pay tribute to him”.

“Kite? I know you. I know him. He was famous in Around Shinjuku Toho Building. I know him. He was famous in Around Shinjuku Toho Building. The way he seduced girls was with sarcastic lines like, “I want to be loved even if it’s fake. A lot of girls have been seduced by him.

Kabukicho, Shinjuku in late October. There are many girls who have been seduced.” A girl who appeared to be underage and was hanging out on the street near the TOHO Cinemas told this reporter in a dour tone.

The suspect, Yaegashi, who was arrested, said that when he found the girl he wanted on social networking sites, he would contact her repeatedly, saying he wanted to meet her.

In October, a member of a Kabukicho scout group called “V” was arrested for pimping out girls for jobs in adult videos. Yaegashi is said to have had ties with this scout group as well. Yaegashi is believed to have had ties with this scouting group, and is believed to have introduced and arranged for underage girls he lured to the group.

Recently, the area around the Kabukicho “TOHO Cinemas” has been called the “TO-YOKO area” and has become a hangout for minors as a trendy place. On the other hand, drinking and drug overdoses are rampant, and criminal activities such as prostitution targeting minors are also frequent. Yaegashi is said to have been a charismatic figure in the Toho neighborhood.

He became popular after his arrest.

Mr. Chihuahua Sasaki, a writer who is familiar with Around Shinjuku Toho Building, said.

“The suspect, Yaegashi, has been known as a key member of Around Shinjuku Toho Building since spring of this year, but it wasn’t until he was arrested in May that he began to be considered a hero. Social networking sites were abuzz with the news, “There’s been an arrest from Around Shinjuku Toho Building! The social networking sites were abuzz with excitement, and the girls began to admire him more and more, thinking that he could have relations with them even if they were underage. Since then, Yaegashi has been actively marketing himself by creating a hashtag with his name and posting dance videos on TikTok.

In fact, if you look at Yaegashi’s SNS, you’ll see that he posts He was inundated with incomprehensible comments. After his arrest in May, Yaegashi began working at a bar in Kabukicho, which was also packed with girls who were his fans. Yaegashi was also known as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings of Toyoko,” along with other famous members of Around Shinjuku Toho Building.

When Yaegashi found a good-looking girl who commented on his SNS, he contacted her himself. It seems that girls living in rural areas who had no place to stay at school or home, and who yearned for “Around Shinjuku Toho Building” were especially easy targets. Mr. Sasaki continues.

I interviewed a 14-year-old girl who was the victim of an attempted rape by Yaegashi, but she also lived in a rural area and longed for Around Shinjuku Toho Building. Then, in June of this year, she met him for the first time in Shinjuku and was forced to have a relationship with him at a business hotel. He said he laughed and said, ‘I’m a pedophile, aren’t I? She resisted desperately and the rape ended in an attempt, but she has not been able to get close to ‘Around Shinjuku Toho Building’ since this incident.

Yaegashi’s method of preying on minors is despicable, but the fact that there are many girls who yearn for such a man is also a serious matter. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has been strengthening patrols and taking other measures.

Kabukicho “Around Shinjuku Toho Building” is a hangout for “mine-type fashion” and “selfie-type girls,” and minors gather there every night.

From “FRIDAY” November 19, 2021 issue

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