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Hirosue, Yuriko Ishida, Shoko Nakagawa…Famous Actresses “Shopping at Department Stores

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Ryoko Hirosue leaves the department store with a paper bag of foodstuffs in her hands. Photo taken in June 2008.

In the evening of June 2008, actress Ryoko Hirosue (41) was shopping in the basement of a department store in Shibuya, Tokyo, where many theaters are located. She was dressed in a light blue shirt and white pants, looking very young.

As soon as she picked up a basket, she put greens, bacon, and frozen foods into the basket at super speed. In the specialty store section, she bought chicken rice ingredient packs and fried chicken. After another short run to the wine section, she headed for the parking lot.

“The mother of three children, Ms. Hirosue has been working tirelessly. When she was an idol in her teens, she confessed that she once thought of retiring from the entertainment industry because of the pressure. Now she seems to have settled down and is doing her housework well.

Many actresses like to go to department stores. Many actresses like to go to department stores, perhaps because they feel at home in the glamorous atmosphere filled with luxury goods. These women enjoy shopping elegantly at department stores. I’d like to show you some rare images of them in their full aura.

“The “miracle face” of the “miracle 50-year-old.

March of 2008. After going to the gym, she goes to the Depa Basement. Yuriko Ishida buys more pet supplies than her own groceries.

On a night in March 2008, a woman wearing a trench coat came pushing a cart into the parking lot of a department store in Ebisu, which is frequented by celebrities. It was Yuriko Ishida, 51.

She is known as the “miracle 50-year-old,” and although she was dressed modestly, with almost no makeup and her hair tied back in a single bun, she had a lovely air about her. In the cart was a large amount of pet supplies. She had loaded cat litter and other supplies through the back door of her car.

“Ishida lives with four shelter cats and a golden retriever. Ishida’s Instagram is very popular as it gives a glimpse into her stylish lifestyle and fashion. She also has an Instagram dedicated to her pets.

The cute shots of her dog and cat are uploaded along with Ishida’s heartwarming writings, and are popular for their healing power. The site has nearly 960,000 followers,” says the editor of a women’s magazine.

A paper bag from a department store that looks heavy in both hands

Shoko Nakagawa, aka Shokotan, drops by Isetan in Shinjuku on her way home from work.

It’s 7 p.m. in January 2007. I spotted Shoko Nakagawa (36), aka Shokotan, at a long-established department store in Shinjuku crowded with shoppers. Perhaps she was enjoying shopping on her way home from work, but with a heavy paper bag in both hands, Shokotan went to the pickup truck.

Next, she stopped by a very common supermarket near her home. Pushing her cart around the store, she bought over 6000 yen worth of vegetables and meat.

Shokotan has not been heard of recently. I’d love to see her with her boyfriend!

Eating soba noodles alone in the restaurant district: ……

March ’18. After finishing her stage performance, Mayu Matsuoka entered a department store and went to a soba noodle restaurant.

In the evening of March 2006, actress Matsuoka Mayu (26) was enjoying her meal alone at a famous soba noodle restaurant in the dining area of a department store in Ginza.

She was appearing in a performance of “Is Edo Burning?” at the Shinbashi Opera House that day, and was probably having a late lunch after the performance.

“Matsuoka was once spotted drinking alone at a yakitori restaurant. He seems to like to be alone. He seems to like to be alone, and was probably enjoying his meal at a soba noodle restaurant that day without a care in the world.

Shopping and eating at department stores are valuable relaxation time for a busy actress. Shopping and eating at department stores are precious relaxation time for busy actresses, and she may be refreshing herself while walking the floor slowly.

October of 2008. Older sister Reina (left) and younger sister Runa (right) enjoy shopping at a department store in Shibuya.
Fuji TV’s Yuka Ebihara and her boyfriend looking at Christmas tableware in the department store’s general merchandise section.
Yoshitomo Tani and Ryoko Tani leave the parking lot of a department store. Yawara has quit the Diet and is now enjoying family life.
  • Photography Takahiro Kagawa, Takao Kawakami, Yasuko Sakaguchi, Sota Shima, Takuya Suzuki, Toshikatsu Tanaka, Ippei Hara

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