Two Years in Prison for Fifth Arrest: Photos of the “doting” parents who corrupted Yoshiko Mita’s second son, Yuya Takahashi. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Two Years in Prison for Fifth Arrest: Photos of the “doting” parents who corrupted Yoshiko Mita’s second son, Yuya Takahashi.

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Takahashi was on a drinking spree during his suspended sentence (February 22, 2002 issue)

On July 31, Yuya Takahashi, 43, the second son of actress Yoshiko Mita (81), was sentenced to two years in prison in the Tokyo District Court, with four of those months suspended with two years of probation.

Takahashi was arrested last September on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine at his home in Minato Ward, Tokyo, and later arrested in October on suspicion of using the drug after a urine analysis revealed a positive test. This is his fifth arrest. If he does not appeal, he will be imprisoned for the second time in 16 years.

The “basement” rumored to be the site of the crime did exist.

The first time he was arrested was in January 1998.

He was a junior in high school when methamphetamine was found in the basement of his mansion in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, which is said to cost as much as 1 billion yen. Immediately after his arrest, it was reported that the basement was said to be 30 or 50 tatami in size, and that there were graffiti all over the walls, and that there was a “room for having sex” in the basement.

In March 1998, “FRIDAY” obtained a photograph of the basement. There, surrounded by luxurious-looking furnishings, Takahashi was seen relaxing on a sofa with a group of girls, dressed in luxury brand clothing. There is graffiti on the wall, and behind the open door behind the sofa, scattered bedding can be seen. A friend of Takahashi’s who had been in and out of the basement told another weekly magazine.

My second son started using drugs around last summer. At first it was marijuana. He looked at a manual book on marijuana and tried various ways of smoking it.

The girl who was also in and out of the basement said,

Once the mood is right, the sex starts. Before I knew it, some couples would disappear into the “do room,” and some would have sex in front of everyone. It was like a zoo.

He said. Mita, who attended the press conference in the presence of her lawyer following her arrest, said,

The boy’s privacy should be protected, even if he is the child of a celebrity. If I were allowed to speak about the boy’s privacy, I would have nothing to hide…. (I am ashamed to say that I was completely unaware of his possession of methamphetamine.

He blamed the media before expressing his remorse as a parent. Mita’s image as a “good mother” was shattered by the fact that she could not have known what was going on in the basement, and that she was still so defensive. Only a year and a half later, in May 2000, it was discovered that a car belonging to Mita had been used in a murder case involving a motorcycle gang. Takahashi’s involvement was suspected, but his father, Yasuo Takahashi (81, then director of NHK Enterprises 21), said at a press conference,

He said, “In the case, (Yuya) is the victim. My son is unhappy.

He said, “My son is a victim in this case. Six months later, Takahashi was arrested again. In the same basement as before, he had held a methamphetamine abuse party with five men and women between the ages of 17 and 20. At a press conference following this arrest, Takahashi said,

The entrance to the basement from outside was blocked, but the entrance from inside the house was open. I thought it would be okay to play karaoke or games with friends who said hello…”

He remarked. The public was appalled by his lack of sense of crisis and his continued “indifference. The court also pointed out that “it is obvious that (the parents) do not have the ability to supervise.

The origin of “doting” was seen in a family reunion at a yakiniku restaurant.

In fact, the “FRIDAY” reporter saw Takahashi and his parents together every month when he was a child. They used to visit a yakiniku restaurant near NHK in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, where the reporter worked part-time as a student, at a pace of once a month. The following is a recounting of that time….

《They would come to the restaurant early in the evening, usually after 5:00 pm. When the father picked up the boy, who was in his early elementary school years, and seated him in a chair, Mita knelt down at Yuya’s feet and pulled his small leather shoes right off his feet. Mita hoops the burnt meat, cools it down, and brings it to his mouth.

It is his father’s job to wipe his soiled mouth with a napkin. The two men look at Yuya lovingly as he tucks the meat into his mouth. Yuya was like a ventriloquist’s puppet, not smiling, only moving his mouth in silence. The three of them would leave the restaurant before 6:00 p.m., when customers would begin to arrive. (Re-edited from an article in the March 20, ’98 issue)

Thirty-six years have passed since that time, and more than 20 years have passed since his first arrest, but instead of being rehabilitated, Takahashi has been arrested three times since then, and his once handsome appearance is now a shadow of his former self. After Takahashi’s fourth arrest, Mita appeared in the March 2007 issue of Fujin Koron (Women’s Public Opinion) in a special feature on “graduating mothers,” which means graduation from being a mother,

She said, “As for me, I have already graduated from being a mother to my second son.

She said, “By giving birth to my second son, I was also able to raise him. I wonder if he was born to train me.

He also expressed his feelings and left words implying that he and Takahashi were insulated from each other, but this thought must have been aborted before long. According to “Shueisha Online” (distributed on August 1), Takahashi’s acquaintance reported that until this arrest, Takahashi had been receiving a monthly allowance of 1 million yen from his parents. Perhaps they have run out of things to say…

Takahashi on probation after his second arrest (June 1, 2001).
Family party after the first performance at the theater company he joined for rehabilitation (Yoshiko Mita, far left, Takahashi, far right, and his father, Mr. Takahashi, figure in back, October 10, 2001 issue).
Yoshiko Mita at an apology press conference when Takahashi was arrested for the third time for violating the Stimulant Drug Control Law (2007).
Takahashi taking a selfie while being questioned at work during his fifth arrest (Nov. 11, ’22 issue)
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