Why Yusa Matsunaga, who made her debut as an idol before turning into an actress…and is also talking about moving to a new agency, is committed to her acting career. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Yusa Matsunaga, who made her debut as an idol before turning into an actress…and is also talking about moving to a new agency, is committed to her acting career.

She just celebrated her birthday on August 8. We interviewed the 25-year-old, who has made a fresh start and has been selected to appear in a number of TV dramas and advertisements.

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Yusa Matsunaga in an interview

I want to do more acting. I want to act in various productions and play various roles. That was the main reason I decided to move to the new company.

Actress Yusa Matsunaga, 25, speaks emphatically about her own turning point.

She made her debut in the entertainment industry as a member of the idol group “Link STAR’s ” in 2001. Since then, she has been active as an idol and in variety shows, while also accumulating achievements and experience as an actor, appearing on stage and in the films “Assassination Classroom” and “Warou Game: Madland. On June2 of this year, he announced his affiliation with Across Entertainment, an entertainment agency that includes voice actor Koichi Yamadera and actor Hajime Yoshihisa. He is attracting even more attention.

She said, “Time is limited, and I thought there were things I could do because of my age, so I spoke many times with the people at my previous agency, and in the end they gave me the backing I needed.

However, when I quit, I had not decided anything about the future. However, the gap of time I had before transferring to my current firm allowed me to take time to reflect on myself, and I realized how much I really love this job. I could also feel that there were many people around me who supported me, and as a result, I was able to have a very positive time.

Enthusiastically describing his outlook in the new place

The footwork of my heart has become very light because of the big change in environment.

I enjoy talking with my manager about my work and going to the photo shoots. I feel myself becoming more lively. I have a positive feeling about the new challenges I’m about to take on and an enthusiasm that says, ‘I’m going to do it. In a word, I am very excited.

The Power of Fans” I Felt When I Was an Idol

When she was in the second year of junior high school, she was scouted and entered the entertainment world as a member of an idol group. At the time, she was not even comfortable having her picture taken, and did not really understand what it was like to be an idol.

I had never imagined myself becoming an idol or performing on stage,” he said. I was so nervous every day, but I was happy to directly feel the power of the fans, and I loved the feeling of creating the space together and the time I spent there.

It was in the midst of her idol activities that she stepped into acting, a career that would change her dramatically.

She said, “While I was an idol for about five years, I also did a wide range of other jobs, such as modeling and acting. I really enjoyed all of them, but the one that was the most difficult and frustrating for me was acting, because I didn’t know what on earth was going on. That is why I enjoyed it so much and wanted to learn more about acting.

She looks positive, but in fact she is …….

I have often been told by people around me that I have a positive outlook and that I don’t seem to have any worries. But the truth is, I tend to think about things too much. When things don’t go well at work, I reflect on things that I don’t need to worry about, and that makes me overthink things again. …… But I thought it was wrong to show myself like that. I don’t want to show my weakness,” so I kept myself balanced by smiling.

But now, as an actress, I have come to accept my weaknesses as I face my roles and works and talk with my manager. When I think, “It’s okay that I’m not perfect,” or “That’s part of who I am,” something suddenly slips away and I feel lighter. I feel that it has a positive effect on my roles, and I feel that I am able to take better care of myself.

Steadily accumulating achievements in drama, stage, and advertising

When asked about her future plans, she is focused solely on her acting career.

Every time I participate in a production, I realize how many people work together to make it happen. I am very happy to be given a role in such an environment and to be able to participate in the production.

I want to give my all so that I can play the role without lying, so that I can speak naturally, and so that I can live the role in the work. I myself sometimes feel empowered after watching a work and think, “I will do my best tomorrow,” so I want to be a part of such a wonderful work and become an actress who can deliver power to the hearts of those who watch my work.

Arisa Matsunaga

Born on August8, 1998 in Tokyo, Matsunaga is an actress.
Her special skills are baton twirling and action, and her hobbies include film cameras and being in touch with nature.
Her latest film credits include the drama “Possessed” ( FOD, CX ), which is currently being distributed, and the movie “Jogei Rei,” which will be released on September22.
He is also scheduled to appear in a special drama to be released in the fall and a movie to be released in Japan next spring.

For the latest information, please follow her on Instagram ( @arisa_matunaga for the latest information.

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