Prince Henry of the United Kingdom visits Japan for the first time in four years to attend a charity event, but behind it all, “the shadow of a new religion” is behind it. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Prince Henry of the United Kingdom visits Japan for the first time in four years to attend a charity event, but behind it all, “the shadow of a new religion” is behind it.

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Prince Henry (left) and organizer Haruhisa Handa (right) attended the event during his first visit to Japan in four years.

Prince Henry, the second son of King Charles of the United Kingdom, who left the royal family in 2008, attended the “ISPS Power of Sport Special Summit,” a sports-related charity event held in Tokyo on August 9.

Prince Henry visited Japan for the first time in four years, since he came to support the England team in the final of the ’19 Rugby World Cup in Japan. The organizer of this event, the International Sports Promotion Society (ISPS), is an unfamiliar organization that is attracting even more attention on the Internet than Prince Henry.

Here is a look at the website of this organization,

Q: Does the International Sports Promotion Society (ISPS) have anything to do with religion?
The website says, “Haruhisa Handa, the president of ISPS, is also the representative director of World Mate, a religious organization.

It is written as follows.

The founder of World Mate is Toshu Fukami (real name Haruhisa Handa), who is the same person as the ISPS president. Many of you may have seen Fukami, with his trademark thick eyebrows, in newspaper ads or on trains.

He left the British royal family with Princess Meghan. Why would he attend an event related to a new religion when he and Princess Meghan have been featured in a variety of news programs as a “couple in trouble”? ……

The “World Mate” is not only a religious organization, but also a non-profit organization, a watch store, a publishing company, a cram school, a travel agency, a pharmacy, and many other businesses. According to a Diamond Online feature article last year, World Mate’s annual revenue was 11 billion yen.

In the past, Worldmate’s events have been attended by such celebrities as former Presidents Obama and Clinton, Naomi Campbell, and Jackie Chan. Prince Henry may have seen such past attendees as well,” said a TV station source.

This composition reminds me of the fact that former President Trump, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and others sent messages of praise to the event of the former “Unification Church (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification)” related organization. ……

As I said, it was decided not to air much of this charity event, partly because it was sponsored by an organization associated with a new religion.

This is probably the reason why, despite the fact that a high-profile VIP, Prince Henry, was visiting Japan, the event did not get much attention on the wide-format TV shows.

According to “Yaya Nikkan Kult Shimbun,” whose lead writer is Suzuki Eight, a professional on religious organizations as well as Unification Church issues

“The Unification Church has been forcing its followers to purchase katashiro (paper dolls) to “beg for their lives” under the guise of preventing damage from volcanic explosions and massive earthquakes,” the article states.

The article goes on to say.

There is also an image of a votive offering form for “begging for one’s life,” and it seems that they are collecting donations through this form.

Mr. Handa also works closely with politicians, for example, he is a major sponsor of Ichiro Ozawa, a member of the House of Representatives. The income and expenditure reports of the “Ozawa Ichiro Political Economy Research Association” from 10 years ago show that every year World Mate and its affiliated companies make donations in the order of one million yen to the association.

Mr. Handa’s name is listed as the representative. Since it is stated in the income and expenditure report, there is no legal problem, but ……” (reporter from a national newspaper)

World Mate is deeply connected not only with Prince Henry but also with politicians around the world. There seems to be no doubt that they have ample financial resources.

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