Two million people have registered! Why the company that runs “paters”, the app for women looking for a daddy’s love, is serious about “looking for a partner”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Two million people have registered! Why the company that runs “paters”, the app for women looking for a daddy’s love, is serious about “looking for a partner”.

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The term “papa katsudo joshi” has been around for quite some time. Recently, a derivative genre of this term has even emerged: “itadakatsu joshi,” girls who receive only money and goods from the men they meet, with no hint of romantic interest in them. One matching app that attracts many such “papa-katsu-girls” is “paters.

From the paters website

Paters is a smartphone app that was released in 2017. It currently has over 2 million members. The total number of matches is over 1,300. Female members are basically free to register and use the service, and men pay a monthly fee. Unlike marriage activity apps, “paters” is mainly a service that provides a versatile meeting place, and the demands of its users are varied. The most common type of user is the “daddy” type of dating. In terms of scale, it can be said that “paters is one of Japan’s largest daddy activity apps.

A company executive says, “Paters itself is also busy ‘looking for a partner.

Since the beginning of this year, it seems that ‘paters’ is looking for a co-owner. We receive investment offers from many companies, but I remember the name ‘paters’ well. I used to be a member of “paters” (laughs). (Laughs.) At the time, the asking investment price was about 8 billion yen. If I became an owner, I could expect a net profit of about 1 billion yen.

The English-language explanatory materials distributed to the relevant parties described the “paters” business model as “a highly profitable business that can be operated with minimal investment and a small team.

The matching app industry is now a battle of the wolves.

In the presentation material, there was a page explaining CAGR (compound annual growth rate) using a chart based on the number of male users, and it was apparent that ARPU (average revenue per user/sales price) has continued to rise steadily, as if in proportion to the boom in papa activity.

The company expects sales, gross profit, and operating income to reach the 60% level in 2025, which is more than 10 times higher than the figure for 2020. Another investor who received the data analyzed the forecast, saying, “Matching services will continue to grow.

Another investor who received the data analyzed, “Matching services should continue to grow in the future, so considering the business market, 8 billion yen may be a good deal. The materials also contain bullish statements such as, “The growth rate is expected to exceed that of Tinder, the world’s most profitable matching service app. Personally, I feel this is a good investment.

When we contacted “paters Inc.,” which operates the app, to confirm the authenticity of the information, the person in charge gave us the following answer: “We are thinking of expanding overseas as a business.

We are considering expanding our business overseas, and we are looking for partners who are familiar with the industry overseas, companies that can become sponsors, etc., to form alliances. Our business is still going strong, and we are not talking about selling the business.”

What is the future of the “partner search” for Japan’s largest matchmaking application?

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