Why Harajuku Police Station instead of Wangan Police Station…Aftermath of the “Gershie” fiasco that hit the defendant, Kento Nagayama | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Harajuku Police Station instead of Wangan Police Station…Aftermath of the “Gershie” fiasco that hit the defendant, Kento Nagayama

Why did he never want the two to be in contact?

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I apologize for the trouble and worry I have caused you.

In the evening of July 7, the defendant, 34-year-old Kento Nagayama, bowed his head for about 10 seconds in front of the press.

Nagayama emerges from the Harajuku police station on the evening of July 7.

It was early morning on June 16 when Nagayama was arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession.

He was arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession, which is about possession in April of this year. During a subsequent search of his house, 1.694 grams of marijuana was found in a pouch hanging over a light stand at his home, and he was re-arrested. On July 6, Nagayama paid 3 million yen bail and was released on bail.

On the day of Nagayama’s bail, more than 100 reporters gathered to catch a glimpse of the defendant. On the day of bail, more than 100 reporters gathered in front of the Harajuku police station in Shibuya, Tokyo, to catch a glimpse of Nagayama.

Usually, arrested celebrities are transferred to the Wangan Police Station. Erika Sawajiri (37), Yusuke Iseya (47), Junnosuke Taguchi (37), Noriyuki Makihara (54), and Pierre Taki (56) were all sent to Wangan Police Station.

The reason why the Wangan Police Station is used is because it has one of the largest detention facilities in the Metropolitan Police Department. It even has private rooms for women, which is perfect for celebrities to spend time. Another advantage is that there are few residences or commercial facilities in the surrounding area, so it is less likely to be a nuisance even if the press gathers there.

The Wangan Police Station is truly a celebrity’s go-to place. Why was Nagayama transferred to the Harajuku Police Station this time? It is said that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department made a difficult decision.

In fact, it is the influence of defendant Yoshikazu Higashitani, a.k.a. Garcie. Even now, defendant Garcy is in custody at the Wangan Police Station. If we transfer Nagayama to the Wangan Police Station, there is a possibility that he will be seen by defendant Garcy.

The police considered the conflict between Nagayama and Garcey a risk, saying, “We don’t know what kind of anecdotes Garcey will tell when he comes out of the shadows. From Nagayama’s point of view, this was a huge embarrassment.”

Higashitani on his way to the Wangan Police Station from Narita Airport.

While in custody, defendant Gershey is still treated as a dangerous person. However, the investigation itself seems to be steadily moving toward its goal.

On July 10, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office filed an additional indictment against Gershey for intimidating a witness. This is considered by investigators to be the peak of the case, and there is currently no indication of further re-arrests. If anyone is going to go after him, it will be for money laundering. The flow of money surrounding defendant Gershie is of interest to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, so if there is any progress, it may be in this direction.

(A reporter from the Social Affairs Department) “Gershie’s video expose has caused havoc in the political, economic, and entertainment worlds. The aftermath of the incident had spread to Nagayama.

  • PHOTO. Shinji Hasuo (1st photo), Kyodo News (2nd photo)

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