Yakult “Murakami” Munetaka’s younger brother “smoking video leaked” is being viewed on the Internet as “lenient” and “pitiful” by both sides. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yakult “Murakami” Munetaka’s younger brother “smoking video leaked” is being viewed on the Internet as “lenient” and “pitiful” by both sides.

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What does Yakult Swallows’ Munetaka Murakami think of his brother’s “smoking fiasco” under fire: ……

A video is causing a stir on the Internet.

He smokes a cigarette in his room,

“This is great, isn’t it?

and a man who is obliquely staring at the screen. He is believed to be 18-year-old A-kun, the younger brother of Munetaka Murakami of the professional baseball team Yakult Swallows, known as “Murakami God,” who won the annual award for “New Word and New Word of the Year” last year.

The video, which is believed to be of A-kun, was posted on July 11 by “Bakusai.com [Official] Twitter.

The video, which is believed to be of Mr. A, was posted on July 11 by “Bakusai.com [Official] Twitter” under the title “[Sad and Painful] Underage Smoking Video of Yakult Player Murakami’s Brother, 00-san (Posted under his real name)

The post was titled “[Saddened] Yakult player Murakami’s younger brother 00-san (post is under his real name) smoking.

According to the information provided, this video was sent to him.

The post was accompanied by a note saying, “According to the information provided, this video was sent to you.

The video is titled “A” (the video was sent to me according to the information provided), and the topic is: “A” was aiming to become a professional player after graduating from high school, but was not selected in the draft, so he entered university with a sports recommendation. After graduation, he is aiming to become a professional player, but if the video of him smoking underage was leaked, the baseball team might perceive him as having a problem with his behavior.

It would be as if we, as relatives, were to tarnish the brilliant achievements of his older brother, Munetaka. He must have been betrayed by the photographer or the person to whom the video was forwarded, because he was looking at the camera and filming the smoking. Shooting a video like this is in itself a side step. Before that, young athletes who aim to become professionals should not be smoking.

In an interview with “Weekly Baseball” in October 2010, when he was still aiming to become a professional baseball player, he said

I wondered if I would be good enough. I was worried. So when I talked to my older brother about it, he said, ‘If there is a possibility, you should give it a try. I decided to take a chance and give it a try.

He expressed his determination to become a professional.

He also describes his three years in high school as “the younger brother of Munetaka Murakami,” to which he was always compared and focused on.

There were hard times and tough times, but it was something that only I could experience. I will probably always be associated with the title “Murakami Munetaka’s younger brother,” but I will try to think of it as a positive thing and do my best to make people say “Murakami Munetaka is my older brother” or “Murakami 00’s older brother” (actual names in the article) with my play from now on.

He reflected.

He is now 18 years old after graduating from high school,

Smoking is not so bad. ……
Poor girl.

On social networking sites, there are those who tolerate her and sympathize with her, saying, “You seem to have low awareness,

On the other hand, there were also those who tolerated and sympathized with her, saying, “She seems to have low awareness. No wonder he can’t make it as a professional.
And “You’re so naive.

and “You’re so naïve. There are a variety of opinions on the Internet.

As if in response to the leaked video, the Nihon University baseball team, to which Mr. A belongs, posted a notice on its website on January 12

Apology and Notice Concerning the Smoking Behavior of a Member of Our Club.

The following is a statement from the Nihon University Baseball Club, to which Mr. A belongs.

On July 11, it was revealed that two members of our club had been smoking under the age of 20.

The following is an excerpt from the statement,

We have suspended the club members indefinitely as of July 12. Since the member is under 20 years of age, we have decided to refrain from disclosing the details from an educational standpoint and to protect his privacy.

The punishment was announced as “I have a great brother, and I am sure he will be a great person in the future.

He said, “While I am a young man with a great brother and full of hope for the future, I must also learn that there are people who are jealous of that. Even though he was betrayed by someone close to him, he had it coming to him by letting a video of him smoking be easily filmed.

Well, if it had not been Murakami’s brother, there would not have been such a big commotion. Although breaking the law is something to be avoided, we look forward to his rehabilitation and success as an athlete in the future.

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