The possibility that Yoko Kumada’s tearful plea in court will pave the way for her career in the entertainment industry | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The possibility that Yoko Kumada’s tearful plea in court will pave the way for her career in the entertainment industry

Entertainment reporter Toshio Ishikawa's "Behind the scenes of that event: ......"

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Yoko Kumada appears in court for domestic violence against her husband. Will she be able to gain sympathy by exposing her private life?

Entertainment Reporter Toshio Ishikawa’s “Behind the Scenes of That Event: ……

A shocking tape has been submitted to the trial of a husband who was arrested for assaulting his wife, Yoko Kumada, by slapping her in the face.

Ms. Kumada appeared in court as a witness for the prosecution. The tape of the events that took place behind closed doors was played to her husband, who denied the facts of the indictment.

Kumada: “Stop saying you want to slap me or beat me up.

“The husband said, “Why, you can’t help it because you mean it.

Kumada: “When you say it like that, I get scared and can’t talk about it.

“Husband: “I’ve been watching your movements.

Kumada “What do you mean by movement?

My husband said, “I was expecting everyone to be honest about what’s going on, but they won’t say anything, and they’re lying low. I can’t do anything about these guys.

Kumada: “Who are these people?

My husband said, “You guys. You guys. I’ll kill you, I swear.

The sound of angry voices and banging noises were recorded during the exchange, which made me suspect that the wife was having an affair. The recordings included squeals and other sounds.

She had been advised to take the tape as evidence when she consulted the police five years ago after being violated by her husband. The room was separated by a partition and Ms. Kumada was not visible from her husband or the audience.

The trial could have proceeded in a separate room or remotely, but she must have felt it was important to testify in front of the judge. The fact that she appeared in court was a big deal to the outside world.

In the husband’s words, “I was violent because I felt my wife was unfaithful.

“He testified that the pain was so great that it shook his brain.

She testified that the pain was so great that it shook her brain. It was so painful that it shook my brain,” she said, indicating the intensity of her husband’s assault.

“I think my husband suspected that I was having an affair, but I never did.

The husband is expected to testify at the third trial on March 17, but it is difficult to prove a causal relationship between the affair and the assault.

“She wrote on her Instagram, “I cooked 100 meals for her and she wouldn’t eat them.

Kumada and her husband must have long since lost touch with each other.

On the day of the first trial, the 39-year-old released a nude photo book. At the second trial, Ms. Kumada took the stand and exposed her private life. I believe that she will be able to win the divorce and custody of her children because she has opened up so much of herself and her private life to the public.

It is not easy for a celebrity to expose everything, but it will be persuasive to many people. And I have no doubt that he will be able to survive in the entertainment industry with his three children.

I predict that what she said in tears in front of the judge will be a great leap forward for Kumada-san’s entertainment career in the future.

  • Text Toshio Ishikawa (Entertainment Reporter)

    Born in Tokyo in 1946. Born in Tokyo in 1946, he has a unique career path: from the advertising department of Shochiku to a reporter for a women's magazine to an entertainment reporter. After working on "The Wide" and "Information Live Myaneya" (both on Nippon Television Network Corporation), he is currently a regular contributor to "Mentai Wide" (Fukuoka Broadcasting System), "Sumataman" (Yomiuri Television), and Rainbow Town FM.

  • Photo Keizo Mori/Afro

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