Saori Kimura’s “legs are too long in black pants” makes fans happy…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Saori Kimura’s “legs are too long in black pants” makes fans happy…!

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A presence that hasn’t changed since her active days (AFLO)

Former Japanese women’s volleyball player Saori Kimura has been getting a lot of attention for her Instagram account, where she posted a shot of black pants with legs that are too long. “I’m Saorin. “I’m not sure what to make of it. “In the photo, Kimura is wearing a red sweatshirt.

In the photo, Kimura is wearing a red sweatshirt and long black pants. She is wearing her hair in a ponytail, which is very cute. In the photo, there are also alumni members of Shimokitazawa Seitoku High School, a regular Spring High School Volleyball team from which Kimura hails. In addition to former Japanese national team members Erika Araki and Kana Oyama, there’s Miki Oyama, a professional beach volleyball player, and Eri Shimomura, now a businesswoman. Apparently, the five of them got together because Volleyball Monthly was going to do a special feature on Araki’s retirement.

“The monthly volleyball issue on sale on the 15th of this month is Erika’s issue.”
“I had a lot of fun participating in this emotionally unstable conversation where we talked about my time in Seitoku and laughed and cried a little.
“Once again, Erika-san, thank you for all your hard work.” (From Kimura’s Instagram)

Kimura has released one more photo. The second one is of the captain’s group, who are always annoying the captain” (from Kimura’s Instagram). What overwhelms me in this photo is the length of Kimura’s legs. The long black pants further accentuate her long, thin and beautiful legs.

Kimura was called up to the Japanese national team for the first time at the age of 17, and attracted attention as a “super high school girl” at the Athens Olympics. She continued to lead the national team as an absolute ace and won the bronze medal at the London Olympics. At the Rio Olympics, she became the first female indoor volleyball player to participate in four consecutive Olympics.

After retiring from active sports due to her overwhelming beauty, she also appeared on the runway of the Tokyo Girls Collection. She was also active as a commentator at the Tokyo Olympics. Currently, she runs a cafe bar with her family in Osaka. Recently, she released an original t-shirt to commemorate the second anniversary of the store, which attracted a lot of attention. He has been wearing the shirts and promoting himself on Instagram.

More and more, I can’t take my eyes off Kimura. ……!

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