Masataka Kubota and Asami Mizukawa were spotted in a shopping arcade wearing a parasol! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masataka Kubota and Asami Mizukawa were spotted in a shopping arcade wearing a parasol!

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Masataka Kubota and Asami Mizukawa strolling along a shopping street in the pouring rain in mid-May, coffee in hand.

On a rainy mid-May evening, a couple was walking along a shopping street in Meguro Ward, Tokyo, under a shared umbrella.

The woman was dressed all in black and wearing a black hat with a deep red eye, and the man was holding an umbrella next to her, wearing sunglasses and oversized denim shorts. They are Asami Mizukawa (39) and Masataka Kubota (34).

The two played a female teacher and a student in “Bokutachi ga Yatte” (Fuji Television Network) in 2005, and got married two years later in September 2007. Since then, they have been known as a loving couple, mentioning each other on TV programs and social networking sites.

Mizukawa directed for the first time “Otoko no Kototo” in the short film production project “MIRRORLIAR FILMS Season 4,” which was released last September, and Kubota played the lead role.

Two more women accompanied them as they walked in the rain, and the four entered a coffee chain. The four entered a coffee chain store, where they settled down, each took out a cup of coffee, went outside, and started walking again, but Mizukawa walked in front of Kubota, who was holding an umbrella, as if she did not mind getting wet. The “actor’s aura” that the two exuded made most people passing by say, “What is that? Could it be? and “What is that?

The four of them then went into a nearby general store, where Kubota bought what appeared to be some knick-knacks and headed outside. The rain was still falling, and Mizukawa, who had not been concerned about getting wet earlier in the day, entered Kubota’s umbrella for a quick jaunt, and the four of them got into a car parked nearby and drove off.

Kubota updated his Instagram on June 28, showing a photo of himself with a blonde hair makeover. In the comments section, people wrote: “What? He has blonde hair? and “What! She has blonde hair! Mizukawa responded with a “Like! Mizukawa also responded with a “Like!

Kubota is starring in the movie “Ai ni Inazuma,” which will be released this fall, and filming has already been completed. The couple may be planning another film together.

It will be interesting to see what the couple has in store for us in the future.

Mizukawa and Kubota walking back and forth side by side.
The aura they exude seems to have a unique atmosphere.
Two shots of the two before their marriage (March 30, ’18 issue)
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