Hiroyuki Miyasako repaid Hikaru in full for the Yakiniku restaurant problem. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiroyuki Miyasako repaid Hikaru in full for the Yakiniku restaurant problem.

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Hiroyuki Miyasako was supposed to co-own a yakiniku restaurant with Hikaru, a popular YouTube star. The opening of the restaurant has been postponed due to his strong criticism…

“There’s been a lot of criticism, but Miyasako-san hasn’t wavered at all.

That’s what one of the broadcasters who knows Miyasako told me.

On November 11, former “Ameagari Kesshi-tai” member Hiroyuki Miyasako updated his YouTube channel. On November 11, Hiroyuki Miyasako of the former “Ameagari Ketteitai” updated his YouTube channel and explained about the impasse at the Yakiniku restaurant “Gyu Miyagi,” which he co-owns with the popular YouTube star Hikaru.

The restaurant, located in Shibuya, Tokyo, was originally scheduled to open on October 1st, but Hikaru gave a bad review of the food at a tasting just before the opening. It had to be redone from scratch. Miyasako said

“After the tasting session with Hikaru, we talked to various yakiniku professionals and reviewed the problems. As a result, we came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to build a restaurant based on the concept we had set with Hikaru-kun in our current state.

He explained. On top of that

“If we continue like this, there is a possibility of damaging Hikaru’s brand, or rather, I think we have already damaged it in many ways. All of us in the team discussed that it would be absolutely wrong to put Hikaru-kun at risk any further, and we asked him to withdraw from the project.

He confessed. From now on, Miyasako’s team will work together to open the business, and Hikaru’s investment will be repaid in full.

There were whispers of a “disagreement” between the two as the words “I respect Hiroyuki Miyasako” disappeared from Hikaru’s Twitter profile, but Miyasako denied this. On the 11th, Hikaru also updated his YouTube channel and said

“I want to continue my relationship with Miyasako-san in the future.

He added, “Miyasako-san is a genius.

I want to continue my relationship with Miyasako-san,” he said, adding, “Miyasako-san has genius skills and experience.

I think just being with him is worth more than 100 million.

The aforementioned “Beef Miyagi” is located in a prime area of Shibuya, and the rent alone is worth millions of yen. Miyasako will have to take a big risk, but the writer at the beginning of this article said, “I feel sorry for Hikaru.

“The broadcast writer at the beginning of this article said, “It’s typical of Miyasako that he shows his ‘manly’ spirit to apologize to Hikaru. Miyasako has always been a man who doesn’t show his disrespect in front of his junior comedians. He was like a big brother you could rely on.

Miyasako said.

On the other hand, another glimpse of Miyasako’s personality can be seen in the video titled “[Theft Case] I’ll pay 100,000 yen to the person who gives me information about the culprit” uploaded on the 9th of this month. It is said that someone stole an unreleased blouson from the fashion brand “ZILVER” produced by Miyako. He also revealed that there is only one blouson in the world at the moment.

“He also revealed that there was only one blouson in the world at the moment, and that it cost nearly 100,000 yen to make, and that he needed to see a sample to sell, so he was in a lot of trouble.

He complained of the damage. And

“I thought I’d put a bounty on you. If you see the person who stole it wearing it, or take a picture of it, I’ll give you 100,000 yen.

He proposed. To the criminal

“I’m not going to turn you in to the police. Let’s talk about why you stole it. Let’s talk about it while eating sweets.

He called out.

On the Internet, some people expressed their displeasure at the way she flashed the cash, and others suspected that she was “acting out” to increase the brand’s popularity.

The previous broadcaster said, “She’s just doing it (laughs). (laughs) He’s very particular about brand-name products. At some point, he started wearing luxury brands, and I think he spent a lot of money on a watch that he was really into. He doesn’t seem to be thinking about what the public will think of him if he does this. That’s what makes him ‘Hiroyuki Miyasako.

He laughs.

“Miyasako was criticized from various quarters for neglecting the feelings of his partner Toru Hotohara during the breakup of Ameagari Kesshitai.

Miyasako said, “He really couldn’t think that far ahead. On the day of the breakup, Fujimon (Toshifumi Fujimoto) said to me on the program, ‘It’s your fault, Miyasako-san. How much trouble are you going to cause?

He was shocked when he asked himself for the first time, “He’s a natural, or rather, that’s what Miyasako is. On the other hand, he has an instantaneous response or a wild instinct.

Miyasako is just continuing his “normal operation” as Miyasako, but I wonder how the public will perceive him.

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