Nana Mori shopping with her stage mom in her “unique fashion”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nana Mori shopping with her stage mom in her “unique fashion”!

A discovery shot! About 10 months after her transfer trouble, Nana Mori is back on the road to recovery, hitting 100-yen stores, supermarkets, drugstores, and convenience stores in her ultra-individualistic fashion, teaming up with her stage mom.

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“The monthly salary at the previous agency was 70,000 yen. The purpose of the move was to improve their conditions,” said a senior executive at an entertainment company, but on this day, the Mori mother and her son visited only common restaurants.

Although they did their best to disguise themselves with bucket hats and large masks, the lovely eyes of Crickley caught my attention.

Above all, Nana Mori (20) stood out in the 100-yen store for her ultra-individualistic fashion, wearing a T-shirt with photographer Daido Moriyama’s masterpiece “Misawa’s Dog” printed on it, relaxed pants, and Chinese shoes.

In ’16, when she was in her third year of junior high school, Mori made her debut after being scouted inside a restaurant in her hometown of Oita.

He was highly praised for his talent by famous directors such as Isao Yukisada, Sion Sono, Shunji Iwai, and Makoto Shinkai, and won the Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actor for his role in the film “The Last Letter” in 2008. He won the Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actor for his role in the film “Last Letter” in 2008. What is a supernova like him doing in a 100 yen store on a weekday?

“He often walks around here with his mother. She often walks around here with her mother, sometimes with her dog. They are such a close family, it makes me smile.” (Neighborhood resident)

Indeed, there was a woman beside Mori who seemed to be his mother. She must be the stage mama who came to Tokyo from Oita and took care of her personal needs, accompanied her to the filming sites, greeted the people involved, and even consulted with her about moving to a new agency.

So, with a toothbrush cap in her hand, Mori asked, “Mom, how do you like this?

“Mom, how about this?

She showed her white teeth.

But the woman who called her “Mama” said

“It’s not cute.

But the woman who called me “Mama” kicked her off. She grabbed a rag and a sponge and walked toward the cash register. Mori followed her like a little puppy.

On the way, Mori seemed to be having a great time with her hands lazily behind her back as she took a strange step like a drunken fist.

Even though she is a genius actress, her true face is that of a teenage girl.

After leaving the 100 yen store, Mori and her son went to the supermarket to buy some groceries. After that, they stopped at a drugstore and then two convenience stores before heading home.

After the trouble with the transfer of her agency in January this year, her exposure has decreased drastically, and the November 6th broadcast of “The Strange Story of the World” (Fuji TV) will be her first appearance in a long time. However, the offers haven’t stopped coming in. Because of her popularity with clients, she continues to appear in commercials, and she is scheduled to play the heroine in a drama for Nippon Television Network Corporation to be aired in January next year. The star of this drama is said to be his senior at the office, Narita Ryo (27), and some are suspecting bartering, but I don’t think so.

One year will have passed since the trouble with the transfer at the beginning of this year. (I think the station has decided that misogi has been completed. When you are independent from a big agency, you may be disciplined, but when you are transferred from a small agency to a big agency, you don’t have that problem. She’s more than capable of winning auditions, so I’m sure she’ll make a quick comeback next year.

There is also talk that she will be appearing in a high-profile movie. The Mori mother and son have started to walk lightly on the road to recovery.

They posed mysteriously in front of a convenience store. It was a short shopping trip, only about 30 minutes in total, but they seemed to be in a good mood the whole time.
Unpublished cut of Nanako Mori shopping in unique fashion
Unpublished cut from the magazine Nana Mori shopping in unique fashion
Unpublished cut from the magazine Nana Mori shopping in her own unique fashion

From “FRIDAY” November 19, 2021 issue

  • Photographed by Junsei Todoroki

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