In fact, he likes political games…! The inside story of Prime Minister Kishida’s elaborate plan to destroy Abe | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In fact, he likes political games…! The inside story of Prime Minister Kishida’s elaborate plan to destroy Abe

Fumio Kishida's Ambition and Ability to Establish the Era of the Traditional "Koike Kai

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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s “Abe Crush” Begins…! With Yoshimasa Hayashi (left) as Foreign Minister and Seiko Noda (right) as Minister of State for Special Missions, Prime Minister Kishida is aiming for a “de-Abe” government. Photo: Representative photo/Reuters/Afro

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has made Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi his “number three” in the Diet. Hayashi is the only new cabinet member in the second Kishida cabinet.

The Konoike Group’s “Star” Development Plan

As for the seating arrangement in the ministerial reception room at the prime minister’s official residence, the minister to the left of the prime minister is Seiko Noda, the minister in charge of the Cabinet Office, and the minister to the right is Hayashi, the foreign minister. Prime Minister Kishida is planning to develop Foreign Minister Hayashi into a “star” who can compete with Taro Kono and Shinjiro Koizumi. There is a reason why he has to do so.

“The Kishida administration wants to oust the Seiwa Research Association, which has become the Abe faction in both name and reality, and establish the traditional era of the Koike administration. The Kishida administration wants to oust the Seiwa Research Association, which has become the Abe faction in both name and reality, and establish the traditional era of the Koike administration.

He may seem harmless and unreliable at first glance, but after winning the general election, he is finally moving to take control of the party. He is determined to turn former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was said to be the strongest man in politics, into a ‘man of the past.

A member of the Aso faction explained that Kishida’s appointment is a ceremony to impress upon the public the “rewriting of the power structure. He also said that the government will go on the offensive at some stage.

“He looks sincere, but his true face is a “pussycat

Another influential Diet member said, “The LDP has won.

“The LDP won the general election. The LDP won the general election, but former Prime Minister Abe, who pointed out the sloppiness of the election survey, complained fiercely, forcing Secretary General Amari to resign. As a countermeasure, he appointed Toshimitsu Mogi, a man who would not be challenged by Abe and Aso, as secretary general and pushed Foreign Minister Hayashi out in return.

At the same time, he appointed former Defense Minister Gen Nakatani, a hardline advocate of policy toward China, as an aide to the prime minister. This was a tightrope walk to appease Mr. Abe. It is a power grab strategy to avoid a head-on collision while slowly strangling the opposing forces.

In fact, this is the true nature of Fumio Kishida, a politician like a fly.

If Abe’s influence is not removed, the government will not be able to consolidate its power. This is because there are still forces within the party that advocate Abe’s reappointment. It was these Abe forces that supported Sanae Takaichi in the election for prime minister.

“Prime Minister Kishida’s regret is that he has not been able to regain his position as secretary general of the Koike Kai. The regret of Prime Minister Kishida is that he was the Secretary General of the Hirochikai for over 20 years. The regret of Prime Minister Kishida is the untimely death of Yoshio Mochizuki, a former member of the House of Representatives, who served as the secretary general of the Hiroke-Kai for more than 20 years and devoted himself to Kishida as his chief strategist. If he had lived, he would have been the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Kishida’s cabinet.

Two years ago, when Mr. Mochizuki’s condition worsened, he said to Mr. Kishida, who rushed to his aid, ‘I am sorry that I could not support you. Now that Prime Minister Kishida’s presidency has been realized, Kishida will have to fight the power struggle within the party from here on without his chief of staff.

In Kishida’s office, a bill from Mochizuki’s family temple is still enshrined.

“Kishida quickly dismissed the “lingering effects of the Abe administration.

Kishida immediately began to reorganize the Prime Minister’s Office. Of the 39 “sub-branches” of the Cabinet Secretariat, three in charge of infectious disease countermeasures have been integrated into the “Office for the Promotion of Countermeasures against Infectious Diseases, including the New Coronavirus. Four of these offices, including the Office for the Promotion of 100 Million Activities and the Office for the Promotion of the 100-Year Life Era, which were established at the time of the Abe administration, were deemed unnecessary and abolished.

The “Corona Countermeasure Command Post” has been simplified for speedy response. 100 million and 100 years of life The Office for the Promotion of 100 Million People’s Activities and 100 Years of Life is not functioning adequately.

That’s how Kishida dismissed the team Abe had created.

At the same time, he asked former Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to “cooperate in dealing with the new Corona group 6” and appointed former Secretary General Miki Nikai to continue as head of the National Land Reclamation Headquarters and head of the Headquarters for the Promotion of the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025. “The formation for an all-out war with Abe and Aso is now in place.

A close ally of Kishida said, “The Kishida administration has been working hard to make sure that Ikeda will be able to win the election.

“The Kishida administration is the mainstream of the Liberal Democratic Party, following in the footsteps of Hayato Ikeda, Eisaku Sato, Kakuei Tanaka, and Masayoshi Ohira. He has said that he will break away from the neoliberal shareholder-oriented policies of Abenomics and aim for a new capitalism that pays more attention to workers and distribution. The Kishida administration seems to be ready for a long-term administration.

However, the “100,000 yen coupon” that was widely announced during the general election has been replaced by “cash” and “coupons. “Will the middlemen be enriched by the coupons again? This will not win the trust of the people, which is the first thing we need. Can we expect him to put the well-being of the people before the logic of the party?

Fumio Kishida is the first prime minister in a long time to emerge from the traditional Hirochikai. The first prime minister from the Koike Group since Kiichi Miyazawa, a man with a brilliant mind who excelled in economic policy, will he take on the challenges of “economic measures” and “crushing Abe”? We will have to keep a close eye on the political situation.

  • Interview and text by Shutaro Iwashiro photo Representative photo/Reuters/Afro

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