Riding a bicycle, wearing a t-shirt and responding like a goddess… Secret photos of Fumino Kimura with her aura. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Riding a bicycle, wearing a t-shirt and responding like a goddess… Secret photos of Fumino Kimura with her aura.

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Kimura riding his bicycle down a street near Kawaguchi Station in Saitama. I took this picture over and over again until we took a break for lunch. Photo taken in October this year.

People in line for a soup kitchen in a park. When they argued while waiting for their turn, a woman cycled over to intercede. The woman in the checked shirt is actress Fumino Kimura (34). However, this is not a real-life incident, but a scene during the shooting of a movie.

The shooting took place in a park in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, in October this year. It was a large scale location shooting with nearly 100 extras. The arbitration scene at the beginning of the film was shot many times, but the OK was hard to come by. Each time, Kimura would return to the starting point, sit on his bicycle and wait, looking a little tired.

“The film is a new work by Koji Fukada, an up-and-coming Japanese director who is attracting international attention. The film is directed by Koji Fukada, who is attracting international attention as an up-and-coming Japanese director, and it looks like Kimura’s new charm will blossom in this film.

Kimura has appeared in a variety of films, including the movie “The Fable” and the NHK historical drama “Kirin ga Kuru. Her ability and charm shine through each time. We hope you can feel Kimura’s overwhelming aura in these unique and treasured photos.

Wearing a T-shirt

Kimura expresses her gratitude to her fans by writing on a T-shirt.

June 2007. In June 2007, there were about 20 fans lined up in the underground parking lot of a movie theater in Yurakucho, Tokyo, waiting to go out. They were looking for the actors from the movie “The Fable,” which was being screened that day.

Soon after, the actors came out of the backstage entrance one after another. The lead actor, Junichi Okada, was followed by Kimura and Mizuki Yamamoto. Kimura faced the fans and stretched out the front of his t-shirt to show them. The words “I ♡ Fuminist” were on it.

“It’s well known among Kimura’s fans, known as ‘ Fuminists,’ that Kimura’s response to fans is on a god level. Kimura, who had a long period of hardship, has a strong sense that he is only as good as his fans,” said an entertainment industry insider.

On the day of the event, Kimura spent about 10 minutes with the fans. He shook hands with all the fans, exchanged words with them, and even gently patted the head of a baby brought by a female fan.

Like a real family with a male idol: ……

Shigeoka and Kimura are filming a scene where they pick up their child. Taken in August this year.

The drama “#Family Wanted” (TBS) starring Daiki Shigeoka of “Johnny’s West”. It was in the evening of August this year that I witnessed the filming of the drama at a kindergarten in Tokyo.

The film depicts four men, women and three children, including a single father played by Shigeoka, living together under one roof. On that day, they were filming a scene where Shigeoka and Kimura, who plays a single mother, go to pick up their children from a daycare center.

“On this day, they were filming a scene in which Shigeoka and Kimura, who plays a single mother, pick up their child from a nursery school. The broadcast was suspended for about a month, and the third episode was finally aired in mid-August. In addition to the Tokyo Olympics special, one of the main cast members, Taiga Nakano, was infected with the new coronavirus and we had to stop filming for a while.

The fact that Shigeoka and Kimura seem to be a real family is probably a result of the good atmosphere on the set.

Fans were delighted with the beautiful dress with the body line.

She was also happy to take photos with fans with a smile. Photo taken in January this year.

At the 31st Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Awards held at Tokyo Big Sight in January 2008, there was a large gathering of the most beautiful women of the moment.

After the awards ceremony, Kōki, the model and second daughter of Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, walked around the corporate booths at the venue. Kasumi Arimura appeared in a dress with an open bust. And Fumino Kimura, with her dazzling white arms, was eager to take photos with fans.

“She kept smiling and waved back at the fans. I could tell that she really cared about her fans,” said an event staff member.

He doesn’t skimp on his work, but is a godsend to his fans. …… It’s no wonder that Kimura enjoys the overwhelming support of a wide range of people.

After a movie event, he smiles and waves to fans waiting to see him.
After greeting the audience, Kimura smiles and heads for his car. Mizuki Yamamoto also appeared behind Kimura.
Participating in a bean-throwing event with the cast of the historical drama “Kirin ga Kururu” at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.
After a movie event, she signed autographs for fans waiting in line.
A mysterious expression on her face in front of a reflector. Photo taken in November 2008.
After a movie event, she smiles at fans waiting to see her.
  • Photography Kotaro Okada, Takao Kawakami, Takeshi Kinugawa, Yusuke Kondo, Shinji Sakamoto, Shu Nishihara

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