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The identity of the “wife of the previous generation” who controls the chaotic “PL Order

Some of the followers filed a lawsuit against the church, demanding "the return of their donations" and asked the Agency for Cultural Affairs for a dissolution order. and even filed a "request for a dissolution order" with the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

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The “Great Peace Prayer Pagoda,” the symbol of the religious order, is called the “PL Tower. The number of believers is estimated to be about 670,000 (according to the 2010 edition of “Shukyo Nenkan” (Religion Yearbook)).

Some of the believers are now suing the religious organization for the return of their donations. It is the same kind of thing that happened with the old Unification Church, where believers are suing a religious organization to return their money.

The PL Order is a religious organization that operates PL Gakuen, a famous baseball club (closed in 2004) that produced such famous players as Kazuhiro Kiyohara and Masumi Kuwata.

What in the world is happening to the PL cult? The followers filed a lawsuit against the religious organization in November of last year. A person involved in the case told us, “Nine followers filed a lawsuit against the religious order last November.

Nine believers are demanding the return of the money they donated to the cult. In April 2008, the church called for donations under the name of ‘donations for the construction of the new sanctuary,’ and by December of the same year, it had collected a total of approximately 3 billion yen. However, the new sanctuary was never actually built, and believers opposed to this are demanding the return of their donations.

The lawsuit is not the only one demanding the return of donations. In December of last year, some believers sent a “request for tax investigation” to the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau, and in May of this year, they sent a “request for a dissolution order” to the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

In addition to the Shin-Goshoden, the cult has been carrying out large-scale construction work, including land reclamation on its grounds, and it is unclear whether these tax returns have been properly filed. The last time the National Tax Agency investigated the cult was more than 20 years ago. So we submitted the documents because we had to get the National Tax Agency to act as well,” he said.

When FRIDAY asked for an interview, the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau responded, “We will refrain from giving an answer because it involves individual taxpayers’ information,” and the Agency for Cultural Affairs responded, “It is true that we have received the document with the title you pointed out.

Why are the believers so opposed to the cult to this extent? One of the believers told us, “In December 2008, we received a letter with the title of ‘The Church of the Holy Spirit.

One of the believers said, “In December 2008, Mr. Takahito Miki passed away, and the PL Order has been without a head minister for about two and a half years. Instead, Michiyo, Takahito’s wife, has been effectively running the organization in the position of “acting head minister. Many followers are opposed to her methods and policies.

Michiyo is in her early 60s. She was originally hired by Kiichiyo as his “caretaker” when he was a student.

As the name implies, she took care of Mr. Kiichiyo’s personal needs. In the course of time, Kiichiyo and Michiyo fell in love and tried to get married, but the head minister of the church at the time vehemently opposed the idea. There were twists and turns, but in 1984 they overcame the opposition and got married.

When Kiichiyo Kiichiyo collapsed from a subdural hemorrhage in 2007, Michiyo’s voice became more powerful. Until then, the management of the cult’s assets had been done in consultation between the head of the church and a group of believers. However, Michiyo crushed the believers’ organization, and since then, the cult’s land and buildings have been sold off in increasing numbers.’ It is said that it was largely at her behest that PL Gakuen’s baseball team was suspended in 2004. The aforementioned believer continues.

The tea ceremony and flower arrangement clubs at PL Gakuen are also gone. Especially the tea ceremony was called ‘PL Tea Ceremony’ and had a long tradition. The “PL Fireworks,” which was very popular in the Kansai region, has been cancelled for three consecutive years due to the COVID-19 crisis, and it will be difficult to hold it again this year. One after another, the things that the Order, its followers, and local residents have cherished are disappearing.

It seems that the believers are protesting because of a policy that seems to go against the PL Order’s doctrine that “life is an art,” as well as the issue of donations.

We asked the PL Order for an interview,

When we asked for an interview, they responded, “We would like to refrain from giving you an answer.

The answer was, “We are not at liberty to answer that question.

The PL Order has a responsibility to explain its position.

Mr. Takahito Miki (back) and his wife Michiyo. From the August 11, 2002 issue of Geisei Shimbun (a newspaper published by an affiliate of the PL cult)

From the July 7, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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