Yuko Ogura’s “toughness” in revealing how she raised three children in a single operation without her husband | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuko Ogura’s “toughness” in revealing how she raised three children in a single operation without her husband

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Yuko Ogura was reportedly separated after the birth of her third child at the end of ’19. Will we ever have another happy family moment like this one…?

What does the husband think when he sees his wife busy raising three children by herself?

Yuko Ogura appeared on the variety show “100%! Api~l-chan” (TBS) on November 8, she showed her house in Tokyo for the first time on TV. Ogura remarried her dentist husband in December ’18, but he left in December ’19, which means they have been separated for almost two years.

Her current home is a detached rental house, and she moved into it a year ago. She showed her personal life on TV as she was busy raising her three children, including the first and second sons she had with her ex-husband.

She showed the side of a mother who cooks while carrying her one-year-old son on her back and disciplines her children well, struggling to raise three children in a “one-operation” manner. And Ogura said on the program.

“I’m not saying I’m desperate, but after taking a break from work for childbirth, I realized that I can’t go back to being an entertainer. I wondered what I would do with the three of us on my own.

“I’ve been beaten up so much (since the separation report) that I’m not afraid of being beaten up any more, and I’m no longer afraid to show my inability to do things.

I’m not afraid to show myself as someone who can’t do it anymore.

Freelance announcer Maasa Takahashi updated her blog on the 10th. She said that her husband is usually very active in childcare, but on that day, due to work commitments, Takahashi was the sole provider of childcare. I heard it was a tough time for her.

She said she had a tough time, but when she saw Yuko Ogura raising her three children by herself, she couldn’t be weak.

I can’t say I’m sorry.

In November last year, her estranged husband was photographed by “Josei Seven” visiting her child. It was rumored that they would get back together since she was able to see her husband without a lawyer, but it seems that he has not returned yet.

She said, “My husband was offered a chance to take on a big job at the time, and he wanted Ogura to support him by quitting the entertainment industry. He wanted Ogura to quit the entertainment industry to support him. However, Ogura’s desire to continue working did not match his ideas, and it is said that they ended up falling out. Initially, she didn’t even want to have a child, but of course Ogura did and doesn’t want a divorce.” (Entertainment reporter)

Ogura may have made the first public appearance of her life on TV, cutting herself to show her struggling husband, who never returned, how she was doing and how healthy her child was.

Will her husband be moved and come back?

“Ms. Ogura doesn’t want to get a divorce, so it’s difficult to get a divorce unilaterally. However, in general, after three to five years of separation, divorce tends to be granted by the court as the marriage has broken down.

If the husband is stubbornly refusing to leave, it may be possible to make the separation a fait accompli and get a divorce. I hope they can reconcile somehow…” (Entertainment industry insider)

Looking at the comments on social media and YouTube, there are many fans who support Ogura as she struggles to be a mother of three. Even if she becomes a “single mother”, the show showed her potential to survive in the entertainment industry.

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