“I Will Never Forgive Him!” Eita Nagayama Saying to His Brother after the Latter’s Arrest | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“I Will Never Forgive Him!” Eita Nagayama Saying to His Brother after the Latter’s Arrest

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Eita coming out of Ebisu’s “S” immediately after his assault on Nishikido.

“I won’t forgive him. That’s all. I don’t care how you follow up.”

Eita Nagayama (40) made no attempt to hide his anger in front of the assembled press after his younger brother, Kento Nagayama (34), was arrested in the early hours of June 16 on suspicion of violating the Marijuana Control Law (possession). His resolute response has been praised. However, Eita has caused more of a stir than Nagayama in the past when it comes to problematic behavior.

In September 2009, Shukan Shincho reported that Eita visited a karaoke bar with Kaela Kimura (38) before their marriage, got drunk, and assaulted the bar staff by pouring alcohol on them. A damage report was filed and Eita was interviewed, but a settlement was later reached. At the time, Eita was appearing in a Kirin Beer commercial, and misconduct involving alcohol was illegal.

“FRIDAY” also reported on Eita’s misconduct. In April 2006, Eita assaulted Ryo Nishikido, a member of “Kanjani Eight” at the time, at a members-only lounge in Ebisu. At the time, both men were appearing together in NHK’s historical drama “Saigo-don” and were the main cast members. Here is the whole story.

The two were asked to stop, but they were ridden and assaulted.

It was a little past 2:00 a.m. on April 10, 2006. “S,” a high-class members-only lounge in Ebisu, Tokyo. This magazine caught wind of some trouble at this lounge and rushed to the front door. Around 2:30 a.m., the actor Eita emerged from the restaurant alone. He was seen off by the store staff and left the store as if fleeing. About 10 minutes later, it was Ryo Nishikido who came out with several men.

Just before this, a serious incident had occurred. At the time, one of the witnesses said, “Just after midnight on the 10th, a man came out of the restaurant.”

“Just after midnight on the 10th, Eita and Nishikido came to S. There were several other men there who looked like business partners. Eita-san seems to be a recent favorite of this restaurant and comes here often. The party was quite lively that day, and Eita-san was guzzling tequila, Jager, and other drinks. Both of them were quite drunk.”

S is a members-only lounge, and the fee is about 20,000 to 30,000 yen per person. The incident occurred when 2 a.m. approached.

Mr. Nishikido was very drunk and was having a lot of fun, imitating the report that hosts make when they drink in one gulp in the Kansai dialect. Then Mr. Nishikido started teasing Mr. Eita by holding up his middle finger. Then, Mr. Eita’s expression changed suddenly. The next moment, Mr. Eita suddenly hit Mr. Nishikido with his fist. It wasn’t two or three blows! Please stop! He was resisting. It was so sudden that the people present were startled and froze.

One of the attendees finally came to his senses, pinned Eita down, and managed to pull him off Nishikido. Three days later, Eita visited S again and was directly confronted,

No, I don’t think so.

He denied everything.

Seven months after this magazine’s report, Shukan Shincho reported that Eita had been drinking with a related party at a lounge in Ebisu when he suddenly lost his temper and yelled at them loudly.

It seems that it is not only his younger brother, Ayato, who should reflect on his behavior.

He appeared to be drunk, but his gait was firm.
Eita (center) and Nishikido (far left) were in the middle of drinking at S just before the incident. At the table were their male companions and other women from the restaurant.
Nishikido comes out of the restaurant after being assaulted by Eita. He left the restaurant with some men who appeared to be in the same party.
We directly interviewed Eita, who visited S again. He seemed to be enjoying himself, but when I mentioned Nishikido’s name, his expression changed completely.
Eita climbing a tree in Yoyogi Park at night in November ’07 (Dec. 21, ’07 issue)
  • PHOTO Toshikatsu Tanaka (1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th), Shu Nishihara (5th)

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