Ginshari Hashimoto got married! Cain Amano, Alpy Sakai… Why do comedians marry female announcers in Tokai region? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ginshari Hashimoto got married! Cain Amano, Alpy Sakai… Why do comedians marry female announcers in Tokai region?

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Two members of “Ginshari” stop to answer a fan’s call

In the middle of Golden Week, comedy duo Sunao Hashimoto (42) and Kazuhiro Unagi (39) of “Ginshari” showed up at Nippon Broadcasting in a cab just after noon, and posed for a photo when a fan waiting for them to enter asked to take their picture.

A month later, on June 9, Hashimoto announced his marriage. At first, no details were given except that the woman was 28 years old, but it was soon revealed that she was Kana Torigoe (28), a former announcer for Daiichi-TV (Shizuoka Daiichi Television). The reason they met was because they co-hosted a TV program together.

Torigoe joined the company in April ’17. She worked as a reporter for the information variety program “Marugoto,” but left the station in March of last year. Mr. Hashimoto was in charge of the Monday corner of “Marugoto,” “Ginshari no Tabi ha Navi Makase” from April ’19 to March this year.

In other words, the two appeared on the program for two years until last March. Although they have never appeared together in the same corner, they probably see each other in the studio, and it is quite possible that they have been together at the launch of the show,” said a Daichi TV source.

The marriage of a comedian and a female TV announcer is a hot topic of conversation, partly because of the odd combination of the two. Many people are surprised to hear that a popular female announcer from a key station is marrying a comedian, but marriages between female announcers from local stations also attract attention.

In this context, like Hashimoto, the marriage of a female announcer working for a TV station in the Tokai region, such as Nagoya or Shizuoka, was the marriage of Kenta Sakai (39) of the comedy duo “Arco & Peace” to Nayui Yahata (29), an announcer for SBS (Shizuoka Broadcasting System) in 2009. In 2002, Hiroyuki Amano (53) of “Cain” married Chisato Arai (40), who was an announcer for TV Aichi.

All three have one thing in common: they are all veteran “mid-career” comedians.

The key is that they all work for local TV stations in the Tokai region.

“The key is that it is a local station in the Tokai region,” said a variety show production staff member at a TV station in the Tokai region.

Female announcers at TV stations are talented and talented, and they are considered “flowers of high rank” by comedians. Especially female announcers from key stations in Tokyo and Osaka. And they are all extremely busy, so it is not so easy to make opportunities to get close to them. The hurdle to getting close to them is quite high. However, although the Tokai region is sandwiched between Tokyo and Kansai, it is completely local and has a very homey atmosphere.

Since they can travel from Tokyo by bullet train in less than two hours, busy, successful comedians can make day trips, but mid-level comedians like them can come in the day before and join the drinking party after the recording. So we spend a lot of time together. There is a sense of togetherness in creating the program together, and the performers and staff have become a family. So the environment is conducive to intimacy.”

Indeed, Alpy’s Sakai and Yabata have been co-hosting on the radio since ’19, and from the very first episode, their couple-like banter has been a big hit. It was affectionately known as “lovey-dovey radio” by listeners.

In fact, the three of them have one more thing in common: they only started dating or getting married after the show ended or after they became distant from each other. Amano and Arai of Cay~n have known each other since March ’10, when they co-hosted a variety show as host and assistant, and developed a relationship after the show ended. Alpy’s Sakai was a remote appearance for each other on Corona, and as soon as they stopped seeing each other, he said, ‘Huh? I’m lonely,’ he said, realizing that he was in love with her.”

The same is true in the case of Hashimoto of Ginshari. His wife Torigoe, who moved to Tokyo after leaving the station last March, became a “PR reporter for the Kanoya City Regional Development Cooperation Corps” and a “sweet potato ambassador. She is involved in hosting events and giving lectures, and there are stories that she and Hashimoto were in a long-distance relationship. It is highly possible that once they became distant from each other, they felt that they wanted to get married.

Although not Hiromi Go’s hit song, “Yoroshiku Aisatsu,

“The time we don’t see each other, that’s how love grows…I close my eyes and you’re there.”

So that’s what it means. ……

Why does Hashimoto look so cool and stylish when I look at her again after the marriage announcement?
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