Impulse purchase of a condominium, cab fare for a foreign car… Mayumi Ono’s love in her 20s when she was “out of her mind” at the time of her big break | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Impulse purchase of a condominium, cab fare for a foreign car… Mayumi Ono’s love in her 20s when she was “out of her mind” at the time of her big break

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Her first photo book, released in 2003, was a huge seller. She also appeared in a series of dramas.

Mayumi Ono (42) appeared as a live guest on “Poka Poka” (Fuji Television) on June 4, and recalled her wild spending in her 20s when she was a big seller, saying, “I was crazy (laughs).

He said, “In 2002, Mr. Ono appeared in a commercial for Acom. At that time, the volume of consumer finance commercials was at its peak. Ms. Ono’s “angelic smile,” which could be seen whenever you turned on the TV, attracted many people and she quickly became a big breakout star. In no time at all, she became a big hit, appearing in a wide variety of TV programs and dramas. At the time, she appeared in 12 commercials and 19 photo books.

Her highest monthly income at the time was approximately 7 million yen. He had managed to make ends meet by working part-time, but suddenly he was receiving such large sums of money, and the stress of his busy schedule caused him to become a wild spender.

In the program, she said, “Now that I think about it, I was seriously out of my mind. Mayumi Ono’s Top 3 Wasteful Spending” was presented. The top three were announced as follows…

No. 3 “1 million yen a month for clothes I don’t wear and furniture I don’t use.”

She bought clothes on impulse, but when she thought about it calmly, she found that she didn’t even want them, or furniture she bought without considering the size didn’t fit in her house, and she ended up giving it to a friend.

No. 2 “Taxi fare for a luxury foreign car

I often took a cab to and from my parents’ house in Chiba, which cost 15,000 yen one way. Once he became accustomed to taking cabs, he even went to a convenience store right in front of his house by cab. His tax accountant tells him, “I drive at a pace that would allow me to afford a luxury foreign car on a three-year amortization basis.

No. 1 “Jacketing apartments.

I saw a stylish apartment on the Internet. I thought it was “nice” and bought it on impulse for 55 million yen. However, he sold it after two years because it was “too stylish and he didn’t feel at home. He regretted that it would have been cheaper to pay a very high rent and live in a rental apartment if he had to move so soon.

From the time Ono was “out of his mind” in his 20s to the age of 30, this magazine has scooped Ono’s love affairs three times.

In 2004, when she was 23 years old, she co-starred with Kuranosuke Sasaki (36 at the time) in “Koi no Karafuda” drama special, in which they also played a hot kissing scene. At the time, they lived on different floors of the same apartment building. However, they were celebrities who knew each other’s faces. Even when having dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant, they would go out separately and meet up at the restaurant.

In 2008, when she was 27 years old, she met Ren Yagami (22, at the time), a handsome actor who appeared in “The Prince of Tennis” and was called “Ojisama” (Prince).

In 2011, when Ono turned 30 years old, this magazine scooped her about a handsome artist (28 at the time) with a height difference of over 20 cm. He frequented the house Ono was living in at the time. When this magazine directly interviewed Ono, she said, “We are not living together. We have no plans to get married yet, but he is an important person, so please watch over him warmly. ……” He admitted that they were dating.

Ono bought a house in Kisarazu in ’19. Although she is still single, she is leading a slow life, spending time with animals and tinkering with the soil. She is still single, but she is leading a slow and carefree life, spending her time with animals and tending to the soil.

Kuranosuke Sasaki became a national sensation with his role in the 2000 morning drama “Audrey.
They met separately at a Chinese restaurant in their neighborhood and enjoyed dinner.
Ono leaving his apartment in ’08
Yagami visited Ono’s apartment on foot. Ono basically traveled by car, while Yagami traveled by train
In ’11, Ono bought a house at this time.
Ono himself takes the wheel and drives him to work.
She was even rumored to be married to this Shota Matsuda-like, two-years-younger artist man.
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