Super Cars and Enchanting Performance…Beautiful Photos of the “Enchanting Race Queens” who Adorned the 24 Hours of Fuji Endurance Race | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Super Cars and Enchanting Performance…Beautiful Photos of the “Enchanting Race Queens” who Adorned the 24 Hours of Fuji Endurance Race

Toyota's Chairman also participated as a driver in this super car festival

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Moeka Sasaki, an active gradol who boasts 100,000 followers on Twitter. She charmed the audience with her innocent smile.

Race queens from all over Japan gathered at the foot of Mt. Fuji for the NAPAC 24 Hours of Fuji SUPER TEC Race, the only 24-hour endurance race in Japan, held from May 26 to 28. A total of 52 teams competed in the race, and more than 47,000 people visited the venue in total over the three days to liven up the first event in which the Corona regulations were greatly relaxed.

This year, a team from ROOKIE Racing, founded by Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda, won the overall championship for the first time (bottom photo). The venue was excited by the comeback in the last 23 minutes of the race. The team also entered a state-of-the-art model equipped with the world’s first liquid hydrogen engine. Mr. Toyoda himself took the wheel and completed the race. It was a very fruitful event from a technical standpoint as well,” said automotive journalist Kumiko Kato.

To add color to such a hot event, more than 100 race queens also participated. They charmed the visitors with a variety of costumes, ranging from sexy costumes with open bosoms to tight mini-skirts, as well as maid costumes and Chinese dresses.

One of the race queens who made an appearance at the event was Nanana Yasuda, who was named “Japan Race Queen of the Year” in 2009.

I hope this event will continue for a long time to come, as it is a festival for us as well, with 200 fireworks, stalls, camping space, and many other ways to enjoy the event.

Many visitors were intoxicated by the co-starring performance of supercars and beautiful women.

Last year’s Japan Race Queen Awards newcomer award winner, Sakiya Asakura, also participated in the event. Her neckline peeking out from her costume was beautiful!
The race was won by “ROOKIE Racing” led by Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda. After the race, the beautiful women were all smiles.
Mami Ota, winner of the ’21 Race Queen Award. She is also active as a gravure model and has a career spanning more than eight years.
Anella Tsujikado has a charming, bubbly smile. In addition to being a race queen, she is also the manager of a sponge cake shop and a bakery in Okayama Prefecture.
Nanana Yasuda, who was interviewed and posed perfectly for the camera, has more than 100,000 followers on social networking sites.
Hankook Tire is withdrawing from being an official supplier of the race after this year’s event. The booth was filled with fans who were sad to say goodbye.
Toyota’s chairman also participated as a driver.

From the June 16-23, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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