The film “Kintori” starring Ennosuke Ichikawa is to be reshot with major revisions… Why the amount of “compensation claim” has not been determined. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The film “Kintori” starring Ennosuke Ichikawa is to be reshot with major revisions… Why the amount of “compensation claim” has not been determined.

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Ennosuke Ichikawa has been discharged from the hospital and is being interviewed by the police. I wonder what he is thinking now.

On June 1, Toho, the film’s distributor, announced the postponement of the release of the movie “Emergency Interrogation Room The Final,” which was scheduled for release on June 16.

The film is the final version of the popular TV drama series by TV Asahi, which depicts the activities of the “Emergency Case Response Interrogation Team (a.k.a. Kintori),” a team of interrogation specialists in the Investigation Department of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. It stars Yuki Amami and has been produced up to season 4 and twice as a special drama.

The prime minister was the last suspect to be confronted in the movie version, and was played by Ichikawa Ennosuke, who attempted to murder his family on May 18.

After that, Ennosuke was interviewed by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigation Department, and what was depicted in the movie became a reality. The super trouble at a time when everything was almost ready, the trailer including the scene of Ennosuke confronting Amami was being developed in movie theaters, and the film was about to go into full production was really nothing but a bad joke”.

From the time of the accident to the present, Toho and others have been discussing the pros and cons of releasing the film.

The conclusion was that it would be impossible to release the film as is. The conclusion was that we could not release the film as it was. We had to keep an eye on the progress of the investigation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and there was a possibility that they would take him into custody. Although it is a film that expands on the TV series, only those who want to see it will come to see it, so even if there are some scandals, it may still be released as is. …… The impact of the incident was too great.

What will happen now?

It was decided to reshoot the film with major revisions, including cutting out the parts in which Ennosuke appears and rewriting the script with a substitute actor. The staff is feeling exhausted and powerless after meeting day after day and night. However, they are continuing to work on the film, telling themselves that it would be much better to release the film than to have it go into storage.

There are many cases in which a penalty is demanded for causing scandals or scandals that inconvenience the program or the client.

Of course there could be a claim for compensation against Ennosuke, but it would not be an easy amount to pay, and it would not be in full. Although in a different form and under different circumstances, the late Danjuro Ichikawa’s predecessor once incurred a large debt in relation to jointly guaranteeing his wife’s family’s debts. At that time, Shochiku took over the debt and avoided the borrower’s demand to Danjuro’s predecessor, and Danjuro, then Ebizo, under Shochiku’s patronage, continued to steadily repay the debt to Shochiku. I’m not sure if that kind of approach is possible or not. …… I’m not sure if it’s possible to do that or not, but I don’t know. The world is not very kind to Kabuki, but I don’t think Shochiku will be so polite about it either.

What does Ennosuke think of the people who are working so hard to get the film released, even though the additional money for reshoots will be at the level of tears of sparrows or not much more?

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