A scoop on a serious relationship! Yuriko Yoshitaka has a handsome boyfriend who looks like Matsuya Onoe to support her busy life! | FRIDAY DIGITAL
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A scoop on a serious relationship! Yuriko Yoshitaka has a handsome boyfriend who looks like Matsuya Onoe to support her busy life!

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Yoshitaka and Mr. A chatting after seeing their friends off, neither of them looking drunk after a five-hour drinking session.

‘Uiii~~ Highball!’

The drinking session at the restaurant had already lasted more than five hours, but the drinks orders were far from over.

On a night in mid-May, actress Yuriko Yoshitaka (34) was seen at an izakaya in Nishiazabu (Minato Ward), Tokyo. After finishing work in the evening, Yoshitaka joined several friends at the izakaya. The party was lively, and it was around 10:30 pm when Yoshitaka left the restaurant. A tall, stout man was standing next to him. He was a handsome man with clear-cut eyes and nose, reminiscent of the actor Matsuya Onoe. After parting with their friends, the two men disappeared into the night in an intimate atmosphere.

Yoshitaka will play the lead role for the first time in next year’s NHK historical drama “Hikaru Kimi e” (To You, Hikaru). This handsome man, Mr. A, is behind the scenes supporting Yoshitaka’s breakthrough. An acquaintance of Yoshitaka’s reveals, “Mr. A works for a general company.

Mr. A is a company employee working for a general company. They met through a mutual acquaintance and started dating about a year ago. Yoshitaka trusts Mr. A, who is close in age and has a very patient nature.

This is not the first time the two were spotted by this magazine. In late September last year, we found the two enjoying sushi in Roppongi (Minato Ward). They were both dressed casually, suggesting a casual relationship. After enjoying dinner until after 9 pm, they returned to Yoshitaka’s apartment in good humor. Also in early October, they were seen enjoying machuka in Roppongi.

I think their relationship is officially approved by the office,” said Yoshitaka. Whenever she goes out with Ms. A, she is often picked up and dropped off in the office’s car. It seems that sometimes they have dinner together with the office staff with whom they are good friends.

When we confirmed the fact of their relationship with Yoshitaka’s office, they replied, “We leave his private life to him.

The June 2 issue of “FRIDAY, June 16-23,” details Yoshitaka’s “change in view of love” that attracted him to his new girlfriend and the possibility of marriage. The pay-per-view website “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

Last September, we found the two enjoying a sushi date. After dinner, they headed to a nearby coin-operated parking lot, then got into a pickup truck and disappeared to Yoshitaka’s home.
Last October, the three of them went to dinner with office staff. On that day, the two were dressed in sweatshirts.

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