Major Commercial TV Stations to Produce “Verification Program” on Janie Kitagawa’s “Sexual Assault Issue” Why TV Stations are “Flattening Their Hands”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Major Commercial TV Stations to Produce “Verification Program” on Janie Kitagawa’s “Sexual Assault Issue” Why TV Stations are “Flattening Their Hands”?

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Keiko Fujishima Julie, president of Johnny’s, released a video apology. TV stations, which had previously remained silent, have now turned their palms ……

The issue of the sexual assault of Johnny’s’s founder, Mr. Kitagawa (87 years old), seems to have forced TV stations to do the heavy lifting.

Former Johnny’s Jr. member Cowan Okamoto and others have accused him of sexual assault. The BBC and other media covered the story extensively, finally opening Pandora’s box.

In response to this, Johnny’s president Keiko Fujishima uploaded an apology video on her official website. A question-and-answer statement was also released.

In the statement, he apologizes to Mr. Cowan and the other accusers, but explains that he “did not know” about Mr. Janney’s sexual assault. Although there has been an outpouring of criticism that this is unreasonable, it is a big step for the Johnny’s office, which has stubbornly remained silent until now, to publicly admit sexual assault.

The media, which has been overly critical of the Johnny’s office, is also being scrutinized. These include TV stations, which cannot produce programs without Johnny’s, morning sports papers, and some women’s magazines, all of which have been taking advantage of Johnny’s popularity. One media source said, “In response to the video of President Julie, the media has been very strict with the TV stations.

The TV stations and morning sports papers have had no choice but to report on the situation after President Julie’s video, but my impression is that they have kept their coverage to the minimum necessary. I thought it was a discovery at this stage, but when I asked the desk of a certain sports paper, he said, ‘We are partly to blame. It’s not the same as slamming Johnny’s.'” The media is conflicted with the media. It seems that the purported media is conflicted with the purported media.

As for television, the number of times news programs and other media outlets have begun to cover the issue has increased.

On “news23” (TBS) broadcast on January 11, announcer Ayaka Ogawa said

In the “news 23” program (TBS) broadcast on November 11, announcer Ayaka Ogawa asked, “How much have news organizations reported on the damage caused by the earthquake? At least, our programs have not been reporting on the current situation.

She explained. After covering Mr. Kauan’s remarks and other topics for about 10 minutes, the announcer said, “Mr. Kauan’s remarks are very important.

Mr. Kauan’s comments are very serious, and I feel that we must face up to them.

He also said, “I feel that these words are very serious and must be faced.

On “news zero” (NTV), in which Sho Sakurai of Arashi framed out, freelance announcer Yumiko Arido represented him.

She said, “First of all, regarding sexual assault, I want you to give the highest priority to taking care of the victims. And because Johnny’s has shown us so many dreams through entertainment, I want them to make sure that fans and us can continue to dream without hesitation. To that end, I think we should not stop at this explanation, but fulfill our social responsibility to be open about information, although we must fully protect our privacy.”

He commented.

At a regular press conference on March 22, Akira Ishizawa, the station’s president, commented on the issue, saying, “We see this as an ongoing matter.

We consider this to be an ongoing issue. We will keep a close eye on what the president of Johnny’s has announced and how the company will proceed with what needs to be done. Based on the basic stance that there should be no sexual violence, we will broadcast what is necessary.

One commercial key station said, “We will broadcast what we need to broadcast.

One of the commercial key broadcasters is reportedly in the process of producing a “verification program” on the past coverage of Johnny’s. “We have invited several media representatives and asked them to participate in the program,” said one of the key broadcasters.

They are going to invite a number of media representatives to discuss, in a discussion format, whether the coverage of Johnny’s was correct,” said a source at the TV station.

The production section of a TV station is roughly divided into “news” and “other. According to a reporter from the news department

If you try to report a scandal involving Johnny’s, you are sure to be stopped by the “other” section. This culture became the norm, and the atmosphere in the field was that ‘we can’t do Johnny’s anyway.

The fact that they are now voluntarily producing “verification programs” is quite a change. A former TV insider commented on this situation.

One is that the media has to come to an end somewhere. The “other” departments are still nervous, but this time, the media pushed through. The other is the eyes of the public and program sponsors. We are required to take a firm stand.

Mr. Ishizawa, the president of Nittele, explains, “The other reason is the public and program sponsors.

As Nippon TV President Ishizawa said, the issue is still ongoing. Although it is being obscured by the case of Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke, it must not be left in the background.

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