Shiyoh Hirano, who left “King&Prince,” ironically says it was “right to quit” because of Johnny’s “sex-abuse” scandal. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shiyoh Hirano, who left “King&Prince,” ironically says it was “right to quit” because of Johnny’s “sex-abuse” scandal.

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Shiyoh Hirano left “Kimpuri” on May 22. He is also leaving Johnny’s…

On May 22, Shiyoh Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji of Johnny’s’ popular group “King & Prince” left the group.

Since the shock announcement last November, the Johnny’s office has been in turmoil. The most recent of these, however, was the “sexual assault” report by the late Johnny’s founder and president, Mr. Kitagawa.

The accusation by former Johnny’s Jr. member Cowan Okamoto, who joined the same school as Kimpuri Hirano, triggered a flurry of coverage in the international media. Finally, the current president of Johnny’s, Keiko Fujishima, released a video on her official website apologizing for the incident and expressing her views on how it happened and how to prevent a reoccurrence.

I never thought this would happen when Janie and Mary Kitagawa, who passed away in ’21, were around. I never thought this would happen. ……”

One of the old-time reporters in charge of entertainment at a sports paper was surprised.

The Johnny’s office has a hidden influence in the entertainment industry, and the media, including TV stations, have followed its lead, as programs would not be possible without Johnny’s. So-called discovery was rampant. Discovery was rampant.

The person who ran the office was Mary rather than Janey. He had been through a lot, so he was a scary presence. I have seen how he was able to handle the situation, so I was surprised to see the Johnny’s office on the defensive this time around. I can say with certainty that if Mr. Merry were still alive and well, the turmoil would not have escalated to this extent.

The current point is that Mr. Julie claims in his statement that he was “unaware” of Mr. Janney’s sexual assault. Pundits and fans have voiced their doubts, saying, “That’s just not true,” but Johnny’s has no intention of changing its position. This is not about sexual assault, but from the standpoint of corporate defense.

If they were to admit that they had heard such things, the Johnny’s office would collapse. That would mean that they were aware of the problem but neglected to address it, which would be out of compliance. Even though Johnny’s has a lineup of successful talents, sponsors would not be attracted to them.

TV would pull out all together. In a previous video, Mr. Cowan had met Ms. Julie and told her that he had something to protect, and that means the Johnny’s’s office itself,” said a TV station official.

(A TV station official) Nevertheless, it is true that many in the media consider the situation to be “gray. The foreign media, in particular, are closely watching the situation.

To be frank, I think it would be difficult for the Johnny’s group to expand overseas under the current circumstances in which doubts remain. On the other hand, it may be a ‘blessing in disguise’ for Kimpuri’s Hirano and the others who left the office at this point in time.

Hirano, however, will take some time off after leaving Johnny’s. For some time, there has been talk of Hirano transferring to HYBE, the group to which the extremely popular Korean group BTS belongs, but according to a source, “It’s just a speculation, and in reality it’s not true.

“It’s all speculation, and in fact there has never been any such talk.

Hirano has been working hard to learn English in her spare time, and it is likely that her first destination will not be Korea, but the United States.

It is said that he will take a break for six months to a year before moving to the United States. In that case, the title ‘former Johnny’s’ may have a negative impact, so it is not expected to be made public.

While the negative legacy of Janney’s “sexual assault” is attracting attention, Hirano is taking on the challenge of continuing his late father’s legacy in the United States. How much does it mean to Hirano?

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