Video Evidence Released for the First Time] Raw Instructions Fly…The Full Story of Big Motor’s “Drilling Video,” a Major Used Car Sales Company | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Video Evidence Released for the First Time] Raw Instructions Fly…The Full Story of Big Motor’s “Drilling Video,” a Major Used Car Sales Company

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Big Motor has been the target of a series of fraudulent revelations. Among the allegations reported by this magazine, we reveal the full story of the “hole drilling video,” which had a particularly strong reaction.

Big Motor, a major player in the used car sales industry, has been uncovered to be involved in a series of fraudulent activities.

In the May 5 issue of this magazine, we reported on allegations that the company had been illegally charging customers for labor and insurance by drilling holes in their tires, falsifying oil changes, and cheating on vehicle inspections. Mr. A, who worked at Big Motor Kumamoto Hamasen for two years until 2009 and was even in charge of the maintenance department, gave us the inside story.

The reason I reported the fraud was because there was no sign of improvement no matter how much I told my superiors about it. I was surprised that they would go to such lengths, especially when they told me to ‘drill holes. I filmed it as evidence so that if something happened, I would not be accused of drilling holes at my own discretion.”

The video is about 40 seconds long and begins with the Kumamoto Hamasen store’s plant manager applying screws to a customer’s tire.

He said, “I had to think about how the picture would look.”

and other specific instructions fly in regarding which angle to take pictures from in order to pass the insurance company’s scrutiny. He also talked about taking pictures of the brand name of the tire and the precautions to be taken when making a hole in the tire, and the process was completed in about 10 seconds.

Carefully check the condition of the tire. In order to avoid the appearance of a puncture, tires worn to the point of losing their grooves were often chosen for drilling.
Finding a point to drill a hole. When he found one, he stuck a screw into it with a familiar hand.
Using gestures, he instructed them on how to drill the holes.
Tires worn to the point where the grooves are completely gone are not covered by insurance. Therefore, instead of filming the entire tire, they focused on the part of the tire that still had grooves, making it look as if a tire covered by insurance had been punctured.
The term “tread” used in the video refers to a pattern of grooves called a “tread pattern. Since insurance examinations are conducted mainly based on photographic data, as long as the points to be photographed are taken care of, they could not have been detected.
The factory manager forcefully inserting the screws. The screws were completely embedded.
The work was completed in about 10 seconds. The screw is now completely embedded. He filed a claim with the insurance company, saying, “The screw I stepped on got stuck.

What is behind this string of allegations of fraud?

“I think it is because the perception that ‘I am not the only one who is cheating’ has taken root. For example, the factory manager participates in a LINE group that all factory managers in the same region join, and in that group, they share information on how to deal with problems and so on. Not only the necessary information is shared, but they also discuss how to respond when an injustice is exposed, and the issue is resolved without actually becoming a major problem. I believe that this awareness that “everyone else is doing it” is one of the reasons for the prevalence of fraud.

In this issue, we present the entire video, which was obtained exclusively by this magazine. As a leading company in the used car industry with annual sales of 700 billion yen, the company must be sincere in its response.

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