Behind the decision of Mako and Kei to go to the U.S., the current situation of Kayo Komuro is a matter of concern | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Behind the decision of Mako and Kei to go to the U.S., the current situation of Kayo Komuro is a matter of concern

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On November 6, Kei Komuro (30) and Mako Mako (30), who got married last month, attended the funeral of Tatsuhiko Kawashima, 81, a professor emeritus at Gakushuin University and father of Noriko (55). Mr. and Mrs. Akishino, Princess Kako, Princess Eugene, and their close relatives gathered at their home in Tokyo, but Kei’s mother, Kayo, was not there.

However, Kei’s mother, Kayo, was not there.

“Of course, the Akishino family and Kayo have always had a good relationship. However, after the press conference following the revelation of their relationship and the financial troubles between Kayo and her ex-fiancé, the relationship was almost severed. Mr. and Mrs. Mako were asked to give detailed explanations about the issues that were reported one after another, and eventually there was no more communication between them. We continue to have smooth communication with Mako and Kayo. ……”

It seems that this is the main reason why she was unable to attend the funeral, but on the other hand, Kayo’s health is not so good.

“I heard that she is under a lot of pressure mentally. I’ve heard that she’s been under a lot of mental pressure because her employment with the cake store has ended and she’s been living with her elderly father and trying to catch her breath. …… We have been communicating with the psychosomatic doctor in charge of her mental health, and he has been recommending that she leave her home, even for a few days, for quite some time now, but it seems that Kayo has been reluctant to do so.

Even though Kayo’s father is still in good health and does not need nursing care, it is undeniable that he will be inconvenienced if she is hospitalized somewhere. In addition, if she cannot find a job, she may not be able to afford the medical expenses.

“I’ve heard that Kayo herself understands that her living conditions have not been good for her health since her financial troubles came to light, and that she has been eagerly researching the local situation because she has a strong desire to leave this place and go on a trip for a while. I’ve heard that she is actually researching the local situation intently. I think she wants to be free from the mental tension.

On the other hand, newlywed Kei, who reportedly failed the bar exam, is currently living in a short-term resident apartment in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, and is said to be communicating with countries and regions other than Japan, mainly New York.

This means that his days and nights are truly reversed. After the wedding press conference with Mako, it was reported that the lawyer’s office had instructed her to come back as soon as possible as soon as the minimum preparations were made. ……

“In the event you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On November 14, the two will leave for the United States together. On November 14, they will leave for the U.S. together, and Ms. Komuro may not have time to enjoy her new married life.

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