Even in his absence, he was so popular that numbered tickets were required…overtaking KINPRISE? Fans flocked to the ads of Naniwa Boys and Snow Man. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Even in his absence, he was so popular that numbered tickets were required…overtaking KINPRISE? Fans flocked to the ads of Naniwa Boys and Snow Man.

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More than just a band of fabulously popular members? Snow Man members are tremendously popular!

On April 19, King & Prince released their first best album “Mr.5” and had been running an advertising campaign around Shibuya Station in Tokyo. It seems that eager fans rushed to take pictures of the five members.

On the 21st, the aforementioned account announced the following regarding the advertisements around Shibuya Station: “Due to numerous complaints and reports received from the surrounding facilities, Shibuya Station, and the police about the advertisements obstructing traffic in the area, the media company has decided to take down some of the advertisements tonight. We deeply apologize to everyone who was looking forward to seeing the ads.

The URL of the website of the advertising company Quaras Inc. is also attached, which explains, “There have been numerous complaints and reports to facilities around Shibuya, Shibuya Station, and the police that some of the advertisements have been disturbing traffic due to people taking pictures of the advertisements. The police have had no choice but to remove the advertisements due to the “increased risk of accidents and problems,” he said.

The ads were originally scheduled to be displayed until April 30, and the company asked for understanding by stating, “We are very sorry to the fans who were looking forward to seeing the ads, but we have come to this conclusion out of consideration for their safety.

(As of May 9, the page was no longer viewable.) “King & Prince is pleased to announce that Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji, and Shiyou Hirano will be leaving the group as of May 22, and Kaito Takahashi and Ren Nagase will join the group the following day. Since “Mr. 5” was the last best album by the five members, many fans probably wanted to see the ads in person, burn them into their eyes, and take photos to commemorate the event.

Meanwhile, this is not the only time there has been panic over advertisements for Johnny’s Office talents. In ’20, before Naniwa Otoko’s CD debut, a large number of people gathered at Harajuku Station in Tokyo and at Osaka Station to see advertisements for the chewing soft candy “Hi-Chew”. Especially at Harajuku Station, where the posters were originally placed in a heavily trafficked corridor, security guards were deployed.

The official Twitter page of Morinaga Seika, the distributor of the product, posted the following message on March 10 of the same year: “We are currently displaying a poster of Hi-Chew at JR Harajuku Station, but it is very crowded and we will have no choice but to remove the poster if the situation continues. Please be respectful and follow the instructions of the security guard so as not to obstruct the flow of traffic.

At the time, the security guard at the site was using a loudspeaker to warn fans taking pictures of the ads so that they would not obstruct pedestrians. At that time, Naniwa Otoko were performing as Kansai Johnny’s Jr. and were already very popular even before their debut.

When Snow Man released their 8th single “Tapestry/W” in March of this year, Tower Records Shibuya branch held an oversized panel display to commemorate the release. The period was from the 14th to the 20th, and on the 13th, the day before the event, the store announced on its official website, “In order to reduce congestion, we will be using an electronic ticket system to view the panels. Please note that visitors without electronic numbered tickets will not be able to view the panels.

To apply for an electronic numbered ticket, you need to register on line for free, and the time and number of people were limited, such as “Numbered 1-60 : after 11:05” and “Numbered 1501- : after 21:00,” and the information was provided. The “Tapestry/W” sold 903,000 copies in its first week (according to Oricon), and Snow Man has been an explosive hit.

Fans should behave with good manners and moderation when seeing advertisements and panels of Johnny’s idols on display.

  • PHOTO Kazuhiko Nakamura

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