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Makiko Esumi: “My son was sued by the prestigious international school he attended!

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For some reason, Ezumi answered the interview with a bouquet of flowers and a calm demeanor. Her slender style is still alive and well.

It has been six years …… since she suddenly announced her retirement. The magazine’s interview revealed that Makiko Esumi, 56, once a popular actress, is in the midst of a bogged-down legal battle.

In fact, Ms. Esumi was sued for defamation last September by a prestigious international school that she had sent her son to. In April of this year, a new lawsuit was filed by the eldest daughter, eldest son, and second son of the school’s former president.

This is according to a source at Kay International School Tokyo (“KIST”) in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, Tokyo.

KIST is a prestigious school where many children of celebrities attend, and Ms. Esumi enrolled her son there around 2003. This led her to become friends with Mr. K, who was the school’s chairman at the time, and this led to the current lawsuit.

In the lawsuit that broke out in April of this year, Mr. K’s children are seeking to invalidate the “notarized deed of settlement agreement” that was signed between Mr. K and Ezumi. What is the content of this notarized deed?

According to the complaint obtained by this magazine, a notarized deed was created in which Mr. K pays Esumi 203,020,400 yen, including school fees for Esumi’s eldest daughter and eldest son, on the grounds that “the school’s directors spread an untruthful rumor that Mr. K and Esumi had a relationship and that Esumi’s eldest son and daughter were unable to attend the school. According to the complaint, the plaintiff, K., was notified that he would pay Esumi ¥230,200,400.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs, Mr. K’s children, allege that Mr. K was forced to write the notarized deed by Esumi after he had lost his judgment due to illness, etc. In order to isolate Mr. K, Esumi sent self-penned letters and messages to the parents and other concerned parties at “KIST” claiming his legitimacy. In order to isolate Mr. K, Ezumi allegedly sent self-written letters and messages to the parents and others involved in “KIST” claiming his legitimacy.

In mid-April, we directly interviewed Ezumi as she emerged from her Tokyo home. She was as good-looking as she had been before her retirement, and responded resolutely to our interview.

-This is Friday. I would like to ask you about the lawsuit with KIST (……).

There isn’t much I can answer right now. I’m leaving it all up to my lawyer. (Turning to the cameraman) I don’t mind if you take my picture, but can I take off my mask? I’m totally better without my mask than with it on. ……”

After saying this, Esumi handed the contact information for her lawyer to the reporter and briskly left.

When we later sent a questionnaire to Ezumi’s lawyer to confirm the facts, he responded, “None of the plaintiff’s allegations are true.

A former popular actress was sued in a sudden court case ……. The claims of both sides are in a muddy state, and like “Shomuni,” it does not look like the case will be resolved without a hitch.

The May 12-19 issue of “FRIDAY,” on sale April 28, will report further details of the trial, the claims of Mr. K’s children, and the response from Esumi’s lawyer. The paid version of the website “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

In April, three of Mr. K’s children filed a lawsuit against Esumi. They sought to invalidate the notarized deed between Esumi and Mr. K.
Two shots of Esumi and Mr. K obtained from a related party. According to the complaint, Mr. K met with Esumi without telling his family.
K International School” owns over 2,000 tsubo of land in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa. Land value is said to be 10 billion yen.
A handwritten letter allegedly sent by Mr. Esumi to a KIST official, complaining that Mr. K’s family does not take care of him.
When approached, he appeared surprised and went into a nearby Japanese sweets shop, but later responded to the interview in a firm and resolute manner.
Esumi at the press conference for the production of “Shomuni” (Fuji Television Network).
Esumi at the press conference for the production of “Shomni” (Fuji Television Network).
Esumi responds to an interview about her love affair with Shinji Takeda
Esumi answers a direct question
Esumi answers a direct question

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